Is GATX a public company?

Is GATX a public company?

GATX Corporation (NYSE: GATX) is an equipment finance company based in Chicago, Illinois….GATX.

A GATX EMD GP38-2 locomotive
Formerly General American Transportation Corporation (1898–2000)
Type Public
Traded as NYSE: GATX S&P 400 Component
Industry Railway equipment leasing

What does GATX mean on a railcar?


Acronym Definition
GATX General American Transportation Corporation

What does GATX company do?

GATX Corporation, founded in 1898, is the leading global railcar lessor. We strive to be recognized as the finest railcar leasing company in the world by our customers, our shareholders, our employees, and the communities where we operate. We own railcar fleets in North America, Europe, and Asia.

When was GATX founded?

1898, Chicago, IL

What railroad is GMTX?


SW1000 / SW1001 84-87 Ex-BNSF 3604-3607 < nee BN 379-382
88 Ex-BNSF 3642 < nee BN 383
89 Ex-BNSF 3650 < BN 582 < nee CBQ 9318
90-92 Ex-CSX 1125, 1121 & 1126 < Conrail 9407, 9401 & 9408 < nee Rdg 2607, 2601 & 2608

What is railcar leasing?

In the rail industry, those in need of access to railcars may choose to lease, rather than purchase, equipment for a variety of economic factors. Put simply, the purpose of leasing a railcar is to have access to equipment in which to ship a commodity without having costs associated with ownership.

Why are railroad tank cars painted black?

Sometimes you’ll see them in White and very rarely in other color like Blue. But the vast majority are Black. Black is effective at hiding most spills, particularly oil-based ones that make up the majority of tank car traffic.

What do train tankers carry?

What Is a Rail Tank Car Used For? A tank car can carry compressed or liquid commodities, like chemicals, molasses, edible tallow, water, diesel fuel and ethanol. Many chemicals, including ethanol, are considered hazardous materials.

Does GATX build rail cars?

GATX Corp. “GATX Rail owns or manages approximately 168,000 railcars of all types, and is one of the largest railcar lessors in North America.” General American Car Co.

Can you rent a locomotive?

Use the calendar below to pick your date, or call and book your locomotive rental or train rental today at 1-866-40STEAM (1-866-407-8326). You can operate a steam engine! Locomotive Rental Frequently Asked Questions.

Can I own a railcar?

Leasing and owning railcars is a serious legal and financial commitment.

Who is the new CEO of GATX Corporation?

Robert C. Lyons will succeed Brian A. Kenney as the new CEO of GATX Corp (GATX). Railcar leasing giant GATX Corp. said Brian Kenney will retire as CEO in April 2022 and will be replaced by Robert Lyons, the company’s current executive vice president and president.

What is the target price for GATX Corp (GATX)?

GATX: Raising target price to $112.00 GATX CORP has an Investment Rating of HOLD; a target price of $112.000000; an Industry Subrating of High; a Management Subrating of Medium; a Safety Subrating of Medium; a Financial Strength Subrating of Low; a Growth Subrating of Low; and a Value Subrating of Medium.

Is Brian Kenney still CEO of GATX?

CHICAGO, December 07, 2021–GATX Corporation (NYSE:GATX) today announced Brian A. Kenney will retire as president and CEO, effective April 22, 2022. Mr.