Is 686 plus round or square?

Is 686 plus round or square?

Smith & Wesson Model 686
Cartridge .357 Magnum .38 Special
Caliber .38/.357
Action Double action and single action
Feed system 6-round (686) or 7-round (686 Plus) cylinder

What frame is a 686 plus?

Description. The Model 686 Plus is an L-Frame, Smith & Wesson® Double-Action Revolver chambered in . 357 magnum. The L-Frame Smith & Wesson is a “medium/heavy” frame specifically designed to hold up the to prolonged use with full-power .

Is the 686 a good gun?

The Smith & Wesson 686 is a fantastic revolver with utter reliability, comfortable ergonomics, and beautiful aesthetics. Its accuracy and customization are par for the course. But for a personal protection gun it’s perfect and comes in different barrel lengths and even a Plus model with 7 rounds of .

Is a Ruger 357 a good gun?

357 magnum revolver like the Ruger GP100, you KNOW you’re holding a weapon. At 40 oz., it weighs nearly twice as much as an FNP-9. And as far as quality goes, it’s a Ruger revolver. Among the things Ruger does very well, it makes great revolvers.

Is there a 7 shot 357 revolver?

Taurus 66 . 357 Remington Magnum 7-Shot 4″ Revolver in Matte Stainless – 2660049. 357 Magnums with comfortable rubber grips and deep, lustrous finishes. The Model 66 has adjustable target sights and a seven shot cylinder.

Is the Smith and Wesson 686 Plus a good revolver?

Smith & Wesson’s Model 686 Plus offers plenty of magnum firepower in an extremely durable, reliable package. When the.357 Mag was introduced by Smith & Wesson in 1935, the “platform” was a large, N-Frame revolver with a massive six-shot cylinder: the Model 27.

What is the difference between a K and a 686?

This model is built on an L frame, a size similar to the K only with a larger cylinder and a bit more heft in general. There have been multiple iterations of the 686 – you’re going to hear them referred to as variants and dashes – featuring different barrel lengths and cylinder capacities.

What kind of gun is a 686 Magnum?

The 686 was created based on the older K-frame .357 Magnums that were, at the time, favored by a ton of law enforcement (I’m speaking of the Model 19 and Model 66). This model is built on an L frame, a size similar to the K only with a larger cylinder and a bit more heft in general.

What do you like about the 686 Plus Deluxe?

The 686 Plus Deluxe comes with a custom black and silver “.357” wood grip. This is both rather good-looking and feels fantastic in the hand. What other details are important? We like the unfluted cylinders, and the choice of single or double-action trigger pulls.