How long is a 20 000 word audiobook?

How long is a 20 000 word audiobook?

Using this average, you can extrapolate the following figures: To narrate 10,000 words: ~63 minutes. To narrate 20,000 words: ~2 hour and 6 minutes.

How many words is a 3 hour audio book?

30,000 word
Basic Audiobook Recording Info Aka a 30,000 word book will be ~ a 3 hour audiobook, taking ~6 hours to record, and ~6-12 hours of additional work (~12-20 hours of work total).

How many words is an 8 hour audio book?

For example, a typical title on ACX has a word count of 75,000 words. ACX estimates the length of the book to be 8 hours. OK, here goes the arithmetic: If you divide 75,000 words by 8 hours you get 9375 words per hour.

What is the length of an audiobook?

An average length of an audiobook is 10 hours. Each hour of Audible audiobook requires approximately 28-30 MB of space when you download it in high quality. For the standard quality, it’s 14-15 MB per hour.

How many words is a 1 hour audiobook?

The average audiobook is 100,000 words, or about 11 hours long (55 words a minute, 9300 per finished hour). It takes four to six hours to produce one hour of completed audio, or 44-66 hours per book. Average sale prices vary by length. Five to ten hours is $15-$25.

How long is a 5000 word audiobook?

1 hour and 49 minutes
Product details

Listening Length 1 hour and 49 minutes Release Date February 15, 2016
Publisher Christopher T Fox
Program Type Audiobook
Version Unabridged

How long is a 60000 word audio book?

The average is 60,000 words which results in an audiobook that’s about 6.5 hours long or 6.5 finished hours. The length of time to record an audiobook depends on the number of words in the manuscript.

How long is a 25000 word audiobook?

Reading Time by Word Counts

Word Count Slow (125 wpm) Average (300 wpm)
10,000 words 1.3 hours 33.3 minutes
20,000 words 2.7 hours 1.1 hours
25,000 words 3.3 hours 1.4 hours
30,000 words 4.0 hours 1.7 hours

How many pages is a 20 hour audiobook?

Most audio book readers have a slower rate of reading than the average reader reading to themselves. Since the average reader can read about a page a minute (at 250 words per page) I would estimate that an hour of audio book would cover about 40–50 pages.

How many pages is a 3 hour audio book?