How do I borrow a book from KCL library?

How do I borrow a book from KCL library?

You will need your KCL ID card to borrow any item from the library. All King’s reservations are held on the self-service reservation shelf near to the Library Meet & Greet Point at each library (except for the Maughan library where reservations are stored in room G. 50 – short loan area).

Who can access Maughan library?

Maughan Library

Size 750k items (approx.)
Access and use
Access requirements Students and staff of King’s College London and other University of London colleges, some SCONUL Access Card holders and members of the public with legitimate research needs
Other information

How do I log into Kings library?

Start typing ‘Kings College London Collections & Research Support’ in the ‘Select your institution’ field underneath ‘Find your institution (via Shibboleth)’. Click on ‘Login via Shibboleth’. This will take you to the King’s Shibboleth login screen. Enter your King’s username and password.

Can LSE students use KCL library?

King’s students and researchers can access other UK University libraries via the SCONUL Access Scheme or the SCONUL Summer Vacation Access Scheme.

Where do I find my KCL ID?

If you’re unsure what your numbers are, you can find them:

  • In emails about your enrolment.
  • In your student record.

Can KCL alumni use the library?

Gain alumni access to King’s campuses and libraries Alumni access to JSTOR, campuses, libraries and King’s gyms are just some of the exclusive benefits available to you on King’s Connect.

Can anyone use LSE library?

Admission to the Library The Library is open for the purpose of study and research to current members of the School and other groups and individuals according to the Library’s admissions policy. All users must possess a current Library card and show it on request to Library staff and Security.

Can I use KCL Library?

The King’s College London Libraries are not open to members of the public, except for the Maughan Library: Open House weekend. or to access the current exhibition.

Who can use Goldsmiths Library?

Accessing the Library Full-time undergraduate students can use the Library for reference only. PhD, postgraduate and part-time undergraduate students can borrow up to 5 books. University Staff can borrow up to 5 books.

How can I find my KCL student number?

Your student number can be found on your student ID card and on your student record. Depending on when you started at King’s, your student ID number may the same or different to your ‘K-number’.

How many students are in KCL?

27,629 (2016)
King’s College London/Total enrollment