3 Tips To Be A Smart Insurance Agent In Your Marketplace

3 Tips To Be A Smart Insurance Agent In Your Marketplace

Becoming an expert insurance agent is not something that happens overnight. Successful agents have honed their skills, put in a lot of hard work and built lasting relationships with their clients.

Engaging with clients and moving conversations toward a sale needs good communication skills. Knowing what’s happening around you, the ability to make smart decisions, and execute them sharply are some keys to be highly effective insurance agents.

Further, strong relationships with prospects and other industry professionals give you an edge in your market and set your products and services apart from your competitors.

Insurance agents, especially one who is a rookie, feel overwhelmed when they start navigating the complicated world of insurance, sales, agency management, and customer service. But, fear not as we have listed some of the best tips that you can use if you are entering this field for the first time or working in the industry:

Educate Your Customers about the Product

Remember that you are in sales, and as a sales professional, it’s your duty to find the best product for your client’s needs as well as educate them about that product. It is not a one and done agreement; instead, it is about building and sustaining a lifelong relationship with your prospects.

Further, if you are a rookie in sales, observation is the key: Read, listen, look, and watch what the topmost salespersons are doing.

How do they carry themselves? What’s their routine? Take inspiration from their success stories and learn from them.

Learn from the industry leaders, but also look at things that work best for your unique selling style, and insurance agent marketing plan that stands you out from your competitors.

Relate To Your Client

Instead of having small talks, ask about the prospect’s work, interests, and family as well. This will help kick start the conversations while making both of you feel at ease. Do not forget to focus on your client. Insurance experts have said a lot about the importance of maintaining client relationships and conversations are the core of relationships.

The conversation is an art that opens doors for many more opportunities, including getting referrals or cross-selling. The act of listening and the other half of the great conversation show clients you care. While this is good advice, remember that a great conversation goes both ways. Take time to have a friendly conversation with your clients, like sharing a little about yourself, your interests, and hobbies that will help you be an authentic person who genuinely cares about helping out their clients.

Be Persistent

Remember, you can gather all the talent, but without being persistent, you will be left in total darkness and distracted from your goals.

Persistence is one thing that you must continually work on to prevail in this industry. This is probably the essential quality of any smart insurance agent. Good insurance agents know that each ‘no’ can only bring them closer to the clients who will say ‘yes.’

Think of it this way: When a prospect says no, you either take them off your list or adjust your pitch, leaving you with additional time to focus on another prospect or client.


Today’s insurance consumers are changing; so, don’t trot out old, traditional tricks and tactics and expect them to work the same as before.

Gather intelligence. Be aware. Make thoughtful marketing plans. And stay focused. In this unstable insurance world, the intelligent and smartest insurance agent wins!