Who sang on perfect day various artists?

Who sang on perfect day various artists?

Perfect Day: Lou Reed, Bono, Morcheeba, David Bowie, Suzanne Vega, Elton John, Boyzone, Lesley Garrett, Burning Spear, Thomas Allen, Heather Small, Emmylou Harris, Tammy Wynette, Shane McGowan, Dr.

Who sang perfect day originally?

Lou Reed
Perfect Day/Artists

How much does an artist make on iTunes per song?

On average, many artists earn $6.00 – $7.00 per album sold on iTunes and 60 – 70 cents per song. Meaning through music promotion and your fans, your music will start earning you royalties immediately. Below is how to get your music on iTunes quickly allowing you to sell your songs.

What movie is Perfect Day Hoku in?

Legally Blonde
Perfect Day/Movie

Who sang with Lou Reed on Perfect Day?

Luciano Pavarotti
Lou Reed

What movie is perfect day Hoku in?

Did U2 sing perfect day?

“Beautiful Day” is a song by Irish rock band U2. It is the first track on their tenth studio album, All That You Can’t Leave Behind (2000), and was released as the album’s lead single on 9 October 2000….Beautiful Day.

“Beautiful Day”
Length 4:06
Label Island Interscope
Composer(s) U2
Lyricist(s) Bono

Who has covered a Perfect Day by Lou Reed?

Covers of Perfect Day by Lou Reed

  • Perfect Day ’97 by BBC Children in Need (1997)
  • Perfect Day by Duran Duran (1995)
  • Perfect Day by Scala & Kolacny Brothers (2004)
  • Perfect Day by Indigo (1997)
  • Perfect Day by The Jolly Boys (2010)
  • A Perfect Day by Carla Bruni (2017)
  • Perfect Day by Kirsty MacColl and Evan Dando (1995)

Who pays more Apple Music or Spotify?

Apple Music told artists it pays a penny per stream, according to a letter viewed by The Wall Street Journal. Apple’s penny-per-stream payment structure—which music-industry experts say can dip lower—is roughly double what Spotify, the world’s largest music-streaming service, pays music-rights holders per stream.

Do artists get paid for streams on Apple Music?

Our average per play rate is $0.01 While royalties from streaming services are calculated on a stream share basis, a play still has a value. This value varies by subscription plan and country or region but averaged $0.01 for Apple Music individual paid plans in 2020. This includes label and publisher royalties.