Who is the greatest fictional hero?

Who’s the best fictional hero?

HeroesRankHeroActor1.Atticus FinchGregory Peck2.Indiana JonesHarrison Ford3.James BondSean Connery4.Rick BlaineHumphrey Bogart46

Who picks Elena?

Damon Salvatore

Did Damon and Elena have a toddler?

Damon and Elena have a daughter. And her title is Stefanie Salvatore.

Who married Stefan?


Does Stefan and Caroline have a child?

Caroline Forbes is pregnant! However not together with her boyfriend Stefan Salvatore’s child—with the twins of her former instructor (AND FUTURE FIANCE) Alaric Saltzman. Seems, the TVD writers have give you a genius option to write within the being pregnant although vampires cannot get pregnant.

Does Stefan turn into human?

Stefan explains, “I am human now. Simply as Stefan compelled his brother into vampirism, now he forces him again into the life he desires: a human one with Elena. In that second, Stefan knew his brother would not do one thing silly. With out the treatment, Stefan would age and die, so there was not any cause to save lots of his life.

Did Elena cheat on Stefan?

Sure, Elena was untrue and disrespectful in direction of Stefan. Elena kissed Damon on the finish of Season 2, when her and Stefan have been STILL TOGETHER. It doesn’t matter what that meant, it is dishonest.

Why does Stefan kill Elena?

As Stefan tells his brother, Damon will maintain attempting to intervene “so long as we’re related by way of her.” That is why Stefan desires Elena gone. Simply as Bonnie finishes extracting the treatment from Elena’s blood, Stefan rips out Enzo’s coronary heart. And simply earlier than he can kill Bonnie too, she injects him with the treatment!

Who’s Stefan’s real love?

Elena GilbertCaroline ForbesKatherine PierceValerie TulleRebekah Mikaelson

Does Damon cheat on Elena?

‘The Vampire Diaries’ season 7 spoilers: EP clarifies Damon didn’t cheat on Elena with Bonnie, Stefan encourages brother. Govt producer Julie Plec clarified in an interview that he didn’t have an affair behind his girlfriend’s again, “Elena’s parting phrases to Damon concerned a request for him to ‘reside his life.

Why does Damon depart Elena?

Elena takes care of him, and proper earlier than he’s cured by the blood of Klaus, the unique hybrid, she offers him a “goodbye” kiss, as a result of she is certain he’s going to die.

Did Klaus and Elena have a child?

Certainly, Stefanie Salvatore — as referenced throughout a Season 1 episode of The CW’s Legacies — is the daughter of Elena Gilbert and Damon Salvatore, named in loving reminiscence of the late, nice Stefan.