Who is Erik Fisher in tangerine?

Who’s Erik Fisher in tangerine?

Erik is Paul’s mysteriously sinister older brother. We all know from Paul that Erik has a darkish facet, however for a lot of the novel we do not know why. Erik is the star of the soccer workforce and everybody gravitates in direction of him. He will get a variety of reward and a focus from Paul’s dad and mom.

What does Paul imply when he says I can see every thing I can see issues that Mother and Dad cannot or gained t?

When Paul says ”I can see every thing, I can see issues that Mother and Dad cannot. Or will not,” he means that he’s in a position to see the reality about his older…

What did Erik do in tangerine?

He was already headed for bother in fifth grade, when he and his buddy vandalized their neighborhood. However the turning level in his life was the day he tortured Paul, his little kindergartener brother, by holding his eyelids open whereas his sidekick sprayed white spray paint into them.

What’s Paul’s dad’s identify in tangerine?

Erik Fisher Soccer

What harm did the sinkhole trigger in tangerine?

The sinkhole destroyed the skin pods the place his lessons have been, and his schedule could be enormously modified if he have been to remain at Lake Windsor. The plan was to have completely different grades go to highschool at completely different hours to avoid wasting area, as a result of the skin was destroyed. Paul did go to Tangerine center along with his good friend Joey.

How previous is Paul in tangerine?

twelve years

Why does Paul wish to go to Tangerine center faculty?

Paul needs to go to Tangerine Center Faculty as a result of he needs to begin on the market with out an IEP so he can play soccer and be handled usually. Teresa Cruz helped Paul by exhibiting him round and for giving him some info on the individuals there and the soccer workforce.

How does the sinkhole change Paul’s life?

The catastrophe that occurred at Lake Windsor Center Faculty was a sinkhole which destroyed the outsides pods of the college the place his schedule could be enormously modified. The sinkhole modifications Paul’s life as a result of it provides him the chance to modify colleges the place he would be capable to play soccer.

How does Paul’s dad get promoted in tangerine?

How does Paul’s dad get promoted? The civil engineer, Charley Burns, was taking bribes and never doing any analysis on the land earlier than building. When he’s fired, Paul’s dad get promoted to the job.

What occurred on the finish of the ebook tangerine?

As they go away Lake Windsor, they move the tree that has been planted for Mike Costello. The citrus bushes remind Paul of Luis, and he rolls down the automotive window to drink within the scent—”the scent of a golden daybreak” (3.16. 7).

What do Paul glasses symbolize in tangerine?

His glasses symbolize his potential to see the reality higher than most individuals. In addition they remind us of the occasion that gave him this perception into the habits of these round him.

Why does Joey describe himself as a coward?

Joey looks like a coward as a result of he didn’t stand as much as Erik and Arthur. Paul reminds him that he doesn’t stand as much as them both. Joey shouldn’t be stunned that they’re making enjoyable of him, however he’s stunned that they’re making enjoyable of Mike. Joey tells Paul the rationale that he tried to take off Mike’s footwear.

Who escorted Paul round faculty on his first day at Tangerine center?

Theresa Cruz

What killed Luis in tangerine?

Luis Cruz has died. His dad discovered him useless within the grove. Getting hit on the pinnacle brought about an aneurysm that killed him just a few days later.

What’s Joey’s relationship with Mike in tangerine?

Mike and Joey are brothers, and have a relationship that may be a full distinction to Erik and Paul. Mike is a role-model to his youthful brother, exhibiting compassion and cohesion, a pure foil to the sadistic Erik.

Who’s the antagonist in tangerine?

The antagonists in Tangerine is Erik Fisher (Paul’s brother), Arthur Bauer (Erik’s sidekick), and Vincent Castor (Erik’s previous sidekick).

What faculty does Paul go to in tangerine?

Lake Windsor Center Faculty

How does Paul change in tangerine?

The primary change he goes via is discovering his id within the shadow of his older brother, Erik. He additionally finds the braveness to confront Erik on the finish of the novel, which nobody else in his life has been in a position to do. Paul is coping with a transfer from Houston, Texas to Florida.