Who are the biggest rivals in sports?

Who are the biggest rivals in sports?

Here are the rivalries that are among the best in sports right now.

  • 1 of 25. Cowboys vs. Eagles. Eric Hartline/USA TODAY Sports.
  • 2 of 25. Bears vs. Packers.
  • 3 of 25. Steelers vs. Ravens.
  • 4 of 25. Patriots vs. Jets.
  • 5 of 25. Lakers vs. Celtics.
  • 6 of 25. Warriors vs. Rockets.
  • 7 of 25. Lakers vs. Clippers.
  • 8 of 25. Yankees vs. Red Sox.

Who are the biggest rivals in history?

Greatest rivalries in sports history

  • Peyton Manning vs. Tom Brady.
  • Magic Johnson vs. Larry Bird.
  • Sidney Crosby vs. Alexander Ovechkin.
  • Arnold Palmer vs. Jack Nicklaus.
  • Tiger Woods vs. Phil Mickelson.
  • Nancy Kerrigan vs. Tonya Harding.
  • John McEnroe vs. Bjorn Borg.
  • Muhammad Ali vs. Joe Frazier.

What is the oldest sporting rivalry?

the Americas Cup
That started in 1877, some 33 years after a side representing USA met a team from Canada at Bloomingdale Park in Manhattan. It is believed that it is the world’s oldest international sporting rivalry, pre-dating the Americas Cup by seven years.

Which is the biggest rivalry in football?

El Clásico We’ll start with what may be the world’s most famous rivalry. Taking place in Spain’s La Liga between FC Barcelona and Real Madrid, this rivalry eclipses them all in terms of money, star power and socio-political turmoil. Yes, that’s right – El Clásico, the soccer match, has its history rooted in politics.

Who are the biggest rivals in football?

Today, we’ll take an in-depth look at the 10 biggest team rivalries in the NFL.

  1. Pittsburgh Steelers vs. Baltimore Ravens.
  2. Green Bay Packers vs. Chicago Bears.
  3. New York Giants vs. Philadelphia Eagles.
  4. Oakland Raiders vs. Kansas City Chiefs.
  5. New York Jets vs.
  6. Minnesota Vikings vs.
  7. New York Giants vs.
  8. Atlanta Falcons vs.

What is the greatest rivalry in football?

College Football’s Top 25 Rivalries

  • Army-Navy (Navy, 61-53-7)
  • Alabama-Auburn (Alabama, 47-37-1)
  • Michigan-Ohio State (Michigan, 58-51-6)
  • Oklahoma-Texas (Texas, 62-50-5)
  • USC-Notre Dame (Notre Dame, 48-36-5)
  • Georgia-Florida (Georgia, 54-44-2*)
  • Miami-Florida State (Miami, 35-31)
  • Harvard-Yale (Yale, 68-61-8)

Who is Man U biggest rival?

It’s the first time since both sides have been battling it out at the top of the league in over a decade. Despite this, Liverpool versus Manchester United is widely thought to be one of the biggest and most famous rivalries in football history. Read on here to find out why.

Who is Giants rival team?

The Eagles–Giants rivalry is a National Football League (NFL) rivalry between the Philadelphia Eagles and New York Giants. The rivalry began in 1933 with the founding of the Eagles, and slowly strengthened when both teams came to relative prominence in the 1940s and 1950s.

What are some of the biggest sporting rivalries?

The 10 Biggest Sports Rivalries in History Los Angeles Lakers vs. Boston Celtics. This rivalry is all about greatness. Ayrton Senna vs. Alain Prost. Bjorn Borg vs. John McEnroe. Green Bay Packers vs. Chicago Bears. Muhammad Ali vs. Joe Frazier. Boston Red Socks vs. New York Yankees. Real Madrid vs. Barcelona. Arnold Palmer vs. Jack Nicklaus. Montreal Canadiens vs. Boston Bruins. Roger Federer vs. Rafael Nadal.

What is the greatest sports rivalry?

Greatest individual rivalries in sports. Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi (Soccer) Phil Mickelson and Tiger Woods (Golf) Pete Sampras and Andre Agassi (Tennis) Bjorn Borg and John McEnroe (Tennis) Larry Bird and Magic Johnson (Basketball) Pele and Diego Maradona (Soccer) Juan Manuel Márquez and Manny Pacquiao (Boxing)

What is the greatest comeback in sports history?

Down 8-1, Oracle Team USA came roaring back to defeat Emirates Team New Zealand 9-8. It was the biggest comeback in the history of the America’s Cup.Some called it the greatest comeback in sports history.

What is the NFL’s greatest rivalry?

Green Bay Packers vs. Chicago Bears

  • Dallas Cowboys vs. Philadelphia Eagles Overall Series Lead: Cowboys,69-53 Playoff Series Record: Cowboys,3-1 Longest Winning Streak: Cowboys,11 (1967-72) In the NFL,the NFC East holds several
  • Baltimore Ravens vs.
  • Kansas City Chiefs vs.
  • Washington Football Team vs.
  • New York Jets vs.
  • San Francisco 49ers vs.