Where can I get dhufish in Western Australia?

Where can I get dhufish in Western Australia?

Dhufish occur between Shark Bay and the Recherche Archipelago near Esperance. They are most common along WA’s lower west coast between Kalbarri and Augusta. Adult dhufish can usually be found on reefs 20 to 50 m deep, however, sometimes they have surprised fishers by turning up in water just 3 m deep.

Is dhufish the same as jewfish?

Dhufish are ‘endemic’ to Western Australia, which means they do not live anywhere else. In the past, dhufish have also been called jewfish or ‘jewies’. West Australian dhufish belong to the Glaucosomatidae family and are related to pearl perch.

Where can I find dhufish?

DHUFISH FACTS Found from Shark Bay in the north to Esperance in the south. These fish are mostly found in waters 5-100m deep, associated with structures such as reefs and caves. Dhufish can also be found away from reefs and over sandy or flat coral bottoms during the breeding season (December- March).

Is Pearl Perch the same as dhufish?

West Australian Dhufish is a member of the pearl perch family. Though only well known in southern WA where it is caught, it is a well regarded food fish and much prized by recreational anglers.

Is Dhufish good eating?

Dhufish are regarded as one of the best eating fish in Western Australian waters and are arguably one of the best eating fish in Australia. In seafood markets and restaurants Dhufish are up there with the most expensive and for good reason. Their superb white flesh is flaky, juicy and rich in flavour.

What is the best bait for Dhufish?

When it comes to bait, dhufish are as fussy as a MasterChef judge. “They love herring, octopus and squid but above all it’s got to be fresh,” says Thom. “Fresh is the key. If you can, get out the morning before and catch 15 herring to take out in the boat – that’s always better than buying your bait from the shop.

Can you eat Dhufish?

How old is a 50cm Dhufish?

At 50cm dhuies are six to seven years old. Though the species spends the vast majority of its life in shallow waters, dhuies are also known to head out past the Continental Shelf into depths of more than 200 metres.

Can you eat Dhufish raw?

West Australian dhufish is prized for sashimi, especially when prepared with a complementary pink- or red-fleshed finfish.

What is a paternoster rig?

The paternoster rig is a multi-hooked bottom fishing rig best used from an anchored boat or a pier when there’s not much tide running. Slack line should be avoided with this rig, as a biting fish will feel the resistance of the lead and drop the bait, long before it can be registered at the rod tip.

What is the West Australian dhufish?

The West Australian dhufish ( Glaucosoma hebraicum) is a WA fishing icon. It grows to a great size, tastes superb and is targeted by both commercial and recreational fishers. This species belongs to the Glaucosomatidae family (the pearl perches). It’s endemic to Western Australia, which means it doesn’t occur anywhere else.

Where do dhufish live?

Dhufish are exclusive to WA and range from the Recherche Archipelago off Esperance up to about Shark Bay. Farther north, a smaller species of “pearl perch” occurs and is a commercial target, particularly off the Pilbara coast. Dhufish spend much of their lives in shallowish inshore waters where they inhabit reefs, caves and gutters.

What is the stock status of the dhufish?

The dhufish is an inshore demersal fish, which means it lives close to shore and close to the seabed. Dhufish is an indicator species for the inshore demersal ‘suite’ (group) of species in the West Coast Bioregion (from east of Augusta to north of Kalbarri). The stock status of dhufish is used to indicate the status…

Is the dhufish a high risk fish?

Category:High Risk WITHOUT doubt the dhufish, or dhuie as it’s generally known these days, is the icon of the southern recreational boat fishery. Many anglers put to sea solely to pursue these tough, solid-looking fish with a mauve hue over their big silver scales.