When did Season 16 of Thomas and friends come out?

When did Season 16 of Thomas and friends come out?

Thomas & Friends (series 16)

Thomas & Friends
Original network Channel 5
Original release 20 February – 25 December 2012
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Who is the number 16 engine in Thomas the Tank?

Sixteen does not have a name, but he has just a number, and he worked in a steelworks. One of his jobs was to take the waste from the works in special trucks to a place they called the tip. He was rescued one day after driving past the Danger Warning sign, and sent to the back of the shed in disgrace.

What train is number 16 in Thomas?

Sixteen was a troublesome industrial Austerity saddle tank engine who used to work at a steelworks on the Mainland.

Who is the number 5 engine in Thomas the Tank?

James is a tender engine from Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends who also featured in The Railway Series. James is engine number 5, coloured red with gold stripes & dome, and is a 2-6-0 mixed-traffic engine, which means he can pull both coaches and trucks.

Who is the number 13 engine in Thomas?

Thirteen was a spare engine from the Mainland and was brought to help Donald and Douglas, who were feeling overworked. When he first arrived, he proved to be very unlucky. He caused delays for Donald and Douglas, got hit by a land-slide, and then damaged his firebox which got knocked out of place.

Who is number 19 in Thomas the Tank Engine?

Ned is painted two-tone orange with a grey roof and bucket, and a brown arm and chassis. The number “19” and the words “Sodor Construction Company” (originally the words “Packard & Co.”) are painted on his sides in yellow.

Who is the number 14 engine in Thomas?

Charlie is painted violet with white lining, brass fittings and red wheels. His number 14 is painted on the sides of his cab in gold with white boardering and he has brass nameplates on the sides of his saddle tank with his name painted on them in white.

Who is the number 11 train on Thomas?

Oliver The Excavator
Oliver The Excavator – Character Profile & Bio | Thomas & Friends. Oliver is the No. 11 green steam engine. Along with his break van Toad, Oliver was saved from being scrapped by Douglas.

Who is number 13 in Thomas the Tank Engine?

Barry, named after Barry Island, the home of the scrapyard in South Wales where he was rescued, was a potential character for the Railway Series. He was to first appear in Barry the Rescue Engine – which was initially thought to be the thirty-ninth volume of the Railway Series.

What was the first episode of Thomas the tank engine?

The original 1983 pilot episode of Thomas the Tank Engine & Friends. The pilot was based on the Railway Series story Down the Mine and differed from the final aired version. The pilot was never broadcast, but instead was re-filmed after the series was greenlit by ITV.

What is Thomas the tank engine called in other countries?

The series in Japan is known as Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends (きかんしゃトーマスとなかまたち), and is dubbed in Japanese. The series in Brazil is known as Thomas e Seus Amigos, and is dubbed in Brazilian Portuguese.

How many books are in the original Thomas the tank engine?

The first series (1984) used stories from the first eight books, along with one specially written by the Rev. W. Awdry, Thomas’s Christmas Party. The second series (1986) used stories from Book No.9 (Edward the Blue Engine) to Book No.30 (More About Thomas the Tank Engine).

Does Thomas the tank engine have a narrator?

Starting from series 22 up until series 24, Thomas the Tank Engine himself takes over as the narrator. The original live action models were filmed on an extensive model railway layout built at the studios. The models were built to the 1:32 scale, known in model railway circles as ” Gauge 1 “.