What was Sonic Youth biggest hit?

What was Sonic Youth biggest hit?

1. Teen Age Riot (1988)

Is Sonic Youth the best band ever?

Sonic Youth is one of the Greatest bands ever existed. From no wave, free jazz, noise, free improvisation to post punk and stuff. They covered everything that underground scene can offer, and in most radical ways.

Is Sonic Youth popular?

Sonic Youth has been one of the most influential bands to come out of the New York No Wave scene and while their music changed drastically over the span of their forty year career it always retained the elements of noise, prepared guitar, feedback and dissonance.

What type of band is Sonic Youth?

alternative rock
Sonic Youth is considered a pioneering band in the noise rock and alternative rock genres. Their music has also been labelled experimental rock, indie rock, and post-punk.

Did Sonic Youth break up?

And while Sonic Youth members Kim Gordon and Thurston Moore aren’t the only musicians guilty of inner-band romance (we’re looking at you, Fleetwood Mac), the alt-rock legends took it a step further by having the band completely break up due to a messy divorce.

How old is Eva Prinz?

A modest media witch hunt followed, with 34-year-old art book editor Eva Prinz — 20 years Moore’s junior — outed as Moore’s “other woman.”

Did Sonic Youth influence Nirvana?

Sonic Youth became fans of Nirvana, they suggested to Geffen Records that they sign Nirvana, and they took them on tour a few times, including the European tour that was documented in 1991: The Year Punk Broke — the tour Nirvana were on when Nevermind became a surprise success.

What is Sonic Youth’s Best Album?

Sonic Youth’s best albums ranked: 1 NYC Ghosts & Flowers (2000) 2 Whitey Album (1989 – as Ciccone Youth) 3 Confusion is Sex (1983) 4 Sonic Youth (1982) 5 The Eternal (2009) 6 Experimental Jet Set, Trash and No Star (1994) 7 Rather Ripped (2006) 8 A Thousand Leaves (1998) 9 Bad Moon Rising (1985) 10 Washing Machine (1995)

What happened to the members of Sonic Youth?

In October 2011, Thurston Moore and Kim Gordon announced their divorce, ending 27 years of marriage and, ultimately, deciding Sonic Youth’s disbandment. Naturally, the four members of the band went on to dedicate themselves to new musical projects.

How does farfar out rank Sonic Youth’s sound?

Far Out’s ranking only covers full-length albums, without considering the SYR collection or the many bootlegs or demo or live compilations available. Anyhow, this is about the sound Sonic Youth were able to create, fine-tune and allow your ears to reach climax.

Is Sonic Youth’s Bad Moon Rising a good album?

“Bad Moon Rising is probably one of Sonic Youth’s best albums to date, and is by far one of my favorites.