What percentage of your paper should be direct quotes?

What proportion of your paper ought to be direct quotes?


Why is that this thought-about an instance of unhelpful suggestions offered?

Reply Skilled Verified Suggestions that does not have any solutions for enchancment isn’t useful. Suggestions doesn’t want to incorporate direct quotes from the paper. It additionally is not required to present details about the paper’s subject because it’s concerning the writing not the paper’s subject.

How lengthy does the peer overview course of take?

Usually the manuscript might be reviewed inside 80 days. Ought to the reviewers’ studies contradict each other or a report is unduly delayed, an additional professional opinion might be sought. If obligatory, revised manuscripts could also be returned to the preliminary reviewers, often inside 1 month.

Is revise and resubmit good?

Authors ought to view an invite to revise and resubmit as excellent news as a result of it means the journal has discovered worth with the article. If authors make a thought-about effort to deal with reviewers’ feedback, then in all proba- bility, the resubmitted article might be accepted for publication.

Can a paper be rejected after acceptance?

For accepted articles, outright rejection isn’t the answer. If the authors resubmit their article to a different journal, the time taken for peer overview course of and closing publication will most likely be longer than the delay as a consequence of backlog within the unique journal.

What ought to take up not more than 10 p.c of your paper?

Usually, not more than 10 to 15 p.c of a paper ought to include quoted materials.

Can a paper be rejected after main revision?

Papers having two reviewers’ suggestions to just accept and minor revision have a lot better probability of acceptance (greater than 98%) than papers receiving two reviewers’ suggestions that embrace a serious revision and a reject or two rejections (which leads to an acceptance charge of lower than 5%): (Determine 1).

Why do papers get rejected?

The explanations for a paper being rejected as soon as it has been reviewed fall primarily into two classes: (1) issues with the analysis; and (2) issues with the writing/presentation of the paper. A paper could also be rejected due to issues with the analysis on which it’s primarily based.

What’s the most quantity of your essay or paper that ought to be straight quoted?

Jun 27, There are not any official limits to citation size, although any quotations which can be greater than 4 strains ought to be formatted as a separate block quote. Nonetheless, it’s typically higher to paraphrase the sources you cite reasonably than use direct quotations.

How a lot of your paper ought to be taken up by quotes from outdoors sources Brainly?


How a lot of a paper ought to be quotes?

One view is that quotations shouldn’t occupy greater than 20 per cent of your paper. In any case, the paper ought to carry your signature and the main target ought to be in your understanding of the subject material. When you blindly depend on quotes, your individual views will get misplaced.

How is peer overview useful to college students?

Peer overview permits college students to make clear their very own concepts as they clarify them to classmates and as they formulate questions on their classmates’ writing. That is useful to writers in any respect ability ranges, in all courses, and in any respect phases of the writing course of.

How do you reply to a serious revision?

Reply: You must at all times present point-by-point responses to the reviewer feedback along with incorporating the reviewers’ solutions in your revised manuscript. What this implies is that you’ll have to copy every of the reviewer feedback right into a phrase doc adopted by your response to that particular remark.