What is the TikTok challenge threatening schools?

What is the TikTok challenge threatening schools?

The newest ‘TikTok challenge’ apparently involves posting threats of school shootings and bombings. “which is why we’re working with law enforcement to look into warnings about potential violence at schools even though we have not found evidence of such threats originating or spreading via TikTok.”

What was the actual TikTok threat?

TikTok first noted the viral rumor on Thursday, stating that it was communicating with law enforcement but had “not found evidence of such threats originating or spreading via TikTok.” While it’s true that the threat itself is nowhere to be found on TikTok, posts spreading fear around the possibility of violence on …

What did TikTok say about schools?

Social media company TikTok has said a viral trend threatening violence at US schools on Friday was not credible. Classes were cancelled and security beefed up at a number of schools after posts warning about shootings and bomb attacks started circulating.

What are the threats of a school?

Threats: Where weaknesses develop for your school

  • Poor planning of curriculum/activities.
  • Too much internal communications.
  • Lack of internal communications.
  • New high school development.
  • Plumbing complications.
  • Parent complaints.
  • Employee/work strikes.
  • Lack of funding.

What is the TikTok threat Dec 17?

The alleged TikTok threat encourages students to bring weapons to school on Dec. 17, prompting concern from administrators and parents. The supposed challenge has been labeled “National Shoot Up Your School Day,” Syracuse.com reported.

Is the December 17 Threat Real?

Despite no evidence the alleged TikTok threat is credible, law enforcement agencies and school districts have responded with extra protocols.

What is TikTok violence Day?

TikTok said Friday that it’s working to remove “alarmist warnings” about a supposed day of school violence that was rumored to take place on Friday, December 17th. “What we find are videos discussing this rumor and warning others to stay safe,” TikTok’s communications team posted in a thread on Twitter.

What is the TikTok school shooting trend?

The viral trend, which included warnings of rumored widespread school violence, circulated using hashtags including #december17th and garnered millions of views. In response to the warnings of violence, schools around the nation closed or added additional security.

Where did the TikTok threat originate?

Baltimore County Public Schools in Maryland said the threat originated in Arizona, but it has been deemed “not credible” by law enforcement agencies. Local and state law enforcement in Minnesota also had not “identified the threat as credible,” the Minnesota Department of Education said.

What are your threats examples?

Threats refer to factors that have the potential to harm an organization. For example, a drought is a threat to a wheat-producing company, as it may destroy or reduce the crop yield. Other common threats include things like rising costs for materials, increasing competition, tight labor supply. and so on.

How do you deal with threats at school?

Treat all threats seriously. Investigate the incident promptly and efficiently. Use support staff and external resources as a part of a multidisciplinary threat assessment team to evaluate threats. Take appropriate disciplinary and criminal enforcement steps.

What is the December 17th TikTok?

What do we know about the central New York School threats?

Several Central New York schools were targets of a social media threat over the weekend that warned of shootings in school buildings this week, but police determined the threat to be not credible. As a precaution, some of the districts have added extra police officers.

What did NYC Chancellor Meisha Porter say about threats to schools?

New York City Schools Chancellor Meisha Porter sent out a note to principals about the unspecified threats at 11 p.m. Thursday night, according to the DOE.

What happened to the Florida teens threatening schools?

In Lee County, Florida, police arrested three teens-including a 13-year-old-for making threats of violence against local schools, according to local authorities. The 13-year-old allegedly sent a Snapchat “indicating he was going to shoot black students” at a Fort Myers private school, according to the local sheriff.

What schools have been threatened in Schenectady County?

Camden Middle School and Vernon-Verona-Sherill middle/high school also were named, among others. A threat also was received against Oneida Middle School, but Carpenter said that school is in the Schenectady school district.