What is the Santa Tracker from I spot Santa?

What is the Santa Tracker from I spot Santa?

Or are you just looking for a Santa Tracker? The Santa Tracker from I Spot Santa is here to help you keep track of exactly where Santa Claus is. Hey, this is what we do and we’re proud of it!

What is the 2020 Santa Tracker?

These photos and videos remind us, just how much work Santa puts in to making Christmas as magical as possible. The 2020 Santa Tracker is going to be keeping you up-to-date on where Santa is all around the world. So make sure to check back as often as you can!

How does NORAD track Santa Claus?

NORAD’s Santa Tracker lets families watch Father Christmas in 3D as he transits the South Pacific, Asia, Africa, Europe and the Americas. From deep inside NORAD headquarters, dozens of volunteers field an unrelenting wave of phone calls to 1-877-HI-NORAD (1-877-446-6723).

How does Santa keep track of who is naughty and Nice?

The elves have special magic that helps them keep track of who is being naughty and who is being nice. Then they report back to Santa about all of the kids around the world. Santa keeps track of all of this on his naughty list and nice list. Don’t worry, even if you have done something naughty.


Is there an even better Santa Tracker for 2020?

And this year we are happy to announce we have an even better 2020 Santa Tracker with even more sightings. At Santa’s workshop there are two types of elves. Toy Builders and Transporters, these roles are important to making sure the North Pole runs smoothly.

Is Santa Claus tracked by NORAD?

Official NORAD Tracks Santa For over 60 years, NORAD and its predecessor, the Continental Air Defense Command (CONAD) have tracked Santa’s flight. Follow Santa as he makes his magical journey!

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