What is the meaning of doldrums?

What’s the which means of doldrums?

The “doldrums” is a well-liked nautical time period that refers back to the belt across the Earth close to the equator the place crusing ships typically get caught on windless waters. Because the air rises, it cools, inflicting persistent bands of showers and storms across the Earth’s midsection.

What’s the reverse of flippant?

flippant. Antonyms: flattering, servile, obsequious, correct, thoughtful, deferential, complimentary, respectful. Synonyms: pert, ahead, superficial, inconsiderate, saucy, malapert.

How do you write succinct in a sentence?

10 Methods To Enhance Your Concise Writing Skills

  1. Use brief, generally used phrases.
  2. If you don’t want a phrase, reduce it out.
  3. Keep away from nominalisations.
  4. Keep away from placing these 5 phrases too close to a verb.
  5. Use sturdy, exact verbs and nouns.
  6. Use declarative sentences.
  7. Keep away from utilizing verbs that make you ‘inform’.
  8. Take away redundant phrases.

How do you utilize flippant in a sentence?

Flippant sentence instance

  1. “It is okay,” he stated in a flippant tone.
  2. One thing about his flippant reply made her assume he can be a grasp at verbal fencing.
  3. So many individuals have a flippant angle to the potential dangers and results of pores and skin most cancers.

What’s one other phrase for flippant?

What’s one other phrase for flippant?

irreverent disrespectful
rude insolent
insubordinate insulting
presumptuous profane
impolite sacrilegious

What do you write in a message?

Good messages:

  1. Are clear. Attempt to convey your which means as merely as attainable. Do not over-write or use exorbitant language.
  2. Are full. Embrace all related info. Take into consideration the scenario out of your readers’ perspective.
  3. Are appropriate. All the time proofread earlier than sending any message.

How do you inform if somebody is being patronizing?

10 Behaviors Folks Discover Condescending

  1. Explaining issues that individuals already know.
  2. Telling somebody they “all the time” or “by no means” do one thing.
  3. Interrupting to appropriate individuals’s pronunciation.
  4. Saying “Take it simple”
  5. Saying you “really” like an thought.
  6. Doling out praise sandwiches.
  7. Demeaning nicknames like “Chief” or “Honey”
  8. Patting individuals on the top.

What does wearily imply?

Wearily is outlined as doing one thing in a drained method, or with none remaining persistence or vitality. An instance of doing one thing wearily is taking your canine out for a stroll very first thing within the morning whenever you’d moderately be sleeping. An instance of doing one thing wearily is ending a run whenever you’re exhausted. adverb.

What does despicable imply?

deserving to be

What’s concise in your individual phrases?

Concise writing means utilizing the fewest phrases attainable to convey an thought clearly. There is a motive why writing concisely is advisable so usually—it is wonderful recommendation. Whether or not you are sending a textual content message, writing an electronic mail, or updating your resume, wordy writing dilutes the impression of your message.

What’s one other phrase for despicable?

Some widespread synonyms of despicable are contemptible, pitiable, scurvy, and sorry.

What’s an instance of message?

The definition of a message is a brief communication despatched from one particular person to a different or the central theme or thought of a communication. An instance of a message is the essential thought of world peace; individuals attempt to unfold the thought – or message – of world peace. An instance of a message is an electronic mail you obtain in your inbox.

What is the distinction between condescending and patronizing?

Condescending – “having or displaying a sense of patronizing superiority.” Patronizing – “apparently type or useful however betraying a sense of superiority; condescending.” As famous by the above definitions, an individual who’s “patronizing” could also be extra delicate and never as open of their angle of superiority as an individual who …

How do you utilize glib in a sentence?

  1. He is a glib, self-centred man.
  2. Mr.
  3. The spokesman’s reply was simply too glib.
  4. Nobody was satisfied by his glib solutions/explanations.
  5. You might be actually blessed with a glib tongue.
  6. We’re being moderately glib right here.
  7. All of these glib egotistical discuss present hosts annoy me.

What’s a message?

A message is a discrete unit of communication meant by the supply for consumption by some recipient or group of recipients. A message could also be delivered by numerous means, together with courier, telegraphy, provider pigeon and digital bus. An interactive change of messages varieties a dialog.

Is flippant a destructive phrase?

When it first confirmed up within the English language across the 17th century, flippant meant glib and talkative. However over time it has developed a extra destructive connotation. Immediately flippant is used to explain a blasé angle or remark in a scenario that requires seriousness.

What’s a concise phrase?

Concise, succinct, terse all discuss with speech or writing that makes use of few phrases to say a lot. Concise often implies that pointless particulars or verbiage have been eradicated from a extra wordy assertion: a concise abstract of the speech.

What’s the which means of message writing?

Message Writing – A message is a brief piece of knowledge that you simply give to an individual whenever you can’t converse to him instantly. Instance- when your mother leaves a message so that you can learn in her absence after you come again from faculty. A message will be written or oral.

What’s a patronizing?

: displaying or characterised by a superior angle in the direction of others : marked by condescension patronizing feedback No extra endearing is his patronizing jocularity …—