What is suite level access at Barclays?

What is suite level access at Barclays?

Suite ticket holders have full access to the Club Level Concourse including the 40/40 Club and the TicketsNow Club and the Infor Lounge. Click below for more details on each club space. 40/40 Club – An upscale sports bar, where you can grab a drink or enjoy a full sit down meal before the game or concert.

What are the best seats in Barclays Center?

For the best center stage views, opt for seats in floor sections 2 or 5. Sections will typically have about 14 seats in each row. As floor seating does not have elevation between rows, you will want to avoid sitting too far back where it becomes more difficult to see over taller fans in front.

How many suites are in the Barclays Center?

101 luxury suites
Barclays Center has 101 luxury suites on two different suite levels, between the lower level and 200-level. VIP sections are located in the lower level in the first 5 rows of sections 7,8,9, 24 and 25.

How much do box seats cost NBA?

Single-event rental prices

Event type Cost
Professional basketball $2,000–$6,000
Professional hockey $2,000–$6,000
NCAA match-ups $7,000–$25,000
Professional football $15,000–$30,000

How are the seats numbered at Barclays Center?

The lower level seats at the Barclays Center consist of sections 1 through 31, and sections 102 through 126. The number of rows for the lower level sections will greatly vary. For sections 102 through 126, most rows are numbered 4 through 9.

What is the seating capacity of Barclays Center?

Barclays Center/Capacity

The arena offers offers 17,732 seats for basketball, 15,795 for hockey, and up to 19,000 seats for concerts, and has 101 luxury suites, and an array of bars, lounges and clubs including the 40/40 CLUB & Restaurant by American Express, and Qatar Airways Courtside Club.