What is NB in texting?

What’s NB in texting?

NB is an abbreviation that means “Not Unhealthy”. Can be quick for “Nota Bene (Latin for please word)”.

How do you employ Nb in a sentence?

You write NB to attract somebody’s consideration to what you’re about to say or write. NB The opinions said on this essay don’t essentially signify these of the Church of God Missionary Society. Drag the proper reply into the field. She no additional sounds.

Does ETC finish a sentence?

Reply: Usually, in American English, if “and so on.” is used in the midst of a sentence, it’s adopted by a comma. Nevertheless, if the phrase “and so on.” seems on the finish of a sentence then the interval (which is a part of “and so on.”) serves as the ultimate punctuation mark.

How do you employ and so on?

“And so on.” is used to point that solely a few of the gadgets from an inventory have been used. Usually, in American English, if “and so on.” is used in the midst of a sentence, it’s adopted by a comma. (Tennis, soccer, baseball, and so on., are outside video games.)

How do you electronic mail NB?

Folks use “N.B.” on the finish of a writing (say, a letter) so as to add a bit of knowledge. Equally, I discover individuals utilizing “P.S.” in the long run of a writing (often, a letter) so as to add a bit of knowledge. Actually, “N.B.” stands for “Nota Bene” and “P.S.” for “Publish Script”. However, I discover individuals utilizing them interchangeably.

Can I write and so on in an essay?

It’s completely okay to make use of and so on. in an instructional paper. Simply word, nevertheless, that each of them are very sparingly and punctiliously utilized in severe writing. Attempt to record absolutely or describe the record as a substitute.

What’s ETC quick for?

The Latin time period et cetera (“and the remaining”) is often written as two phrases in Canadian English. Nevertheless, the one-word spelling etcetera can also be appropriate. The abbreviation for this time period is and so on. (Observe that the c comes final; the misspelling ect. is a standard error.)

What’s full phrase of and so on?

Et cetera is a Latin phrase. The abbreviation of et cetera is and so on.

Will we put comma after EG?

E.g. and that i.e. are each lowercase after they present up in the midst of a sentence (i.e., like this). Most American fashion guides suggest a interval after each letters in each abbreviations. Generally, you add a comma after e.g. and between every subsequent instance if there may be a couple of merchandise in your record.

How do you format eg?

Once you use e.g. in a sentence each the letters ‘e’ and ‘g’ must be lowercase. Since it’s an abbreviation, every letter is adopted by a interval. Additionally, when utilizing e.g. to offer examples, a comma ought to all the time be positioned after the interval following the ‘g. ‘

What can I exploit as a substitute of and so on?

On this web page you’ll be able to uncover 12 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and associated phrases for et cetera or and so on., like: and-so-on, and-so-forth, and all the remaining, together with others, and others, and on and on, et al., and-the-like, no matter, and-all and whatnot.

What does NB imply LGBT?

Not all gender-nonconforming persons are transgender, and a few transgender individuals categorical gender in conventionally masculine or female methods. NONBINARY An individual who identifies as neither male nor feminine and sees themselves outdoors the gender binary. That is typically shortened to N.B. or enby.