What is iPhone camera focal length?

What is iPhone camera focal length?

At a 35mm equivalent of 52 mm, the iPhone’s tele camera actually offers a normal focal length – and thus is tested in this category. In bright light, the normal camera reproduces motives almost at the same quality as the main camera – particularly for portraits, the normal camera is very well suited.

What focal length is iPhone front camera?

Your average phone camera uses a rather wide lens in the front, somewhere around 32mm for an iPhone (equiv from. 2.87mm) and that’s quite wide, (especially given that it’s acceptable to approximate the human eye’s FOV as about 45mm).

What focal length is the human eye?

approximately 17mm
The eye has a nominal focal length of approximately 17mm, but it varies with accommodation. The nature of human binocular vision, which uses two lenses instead of a single one, and post-processing by the cortex is very different from the process of making and rendering a photograph, video or film.

What is iPhone 11 focal length?

As with all flagship smartphones, the iPhone 11 lineup still features the highest specs on its main camera, from shutter speed to aperture to ISO. The 26mm field-of-view is what we are accustomed to seeing from today’s smartphones, an incremental increase from the first-wave smartphone focal length of 28mm.

What is iPhone 13 camera focal length?

With an f/1.6 aperture, the iPhone 13’s standard / wide-angle lens offers an equivalent focal length of 26mm. It is joined by a 13mm f/2.4 (equivalent) super wide angle lens. Apple has used new sensors for this phone compared to the iPhone 12, but they are still both 12 megapixels in resolution.

What focal length is iPhone se?

28mm f/1.8
It’s worth noting that the iPhone SE’s rear camera has a single 28mm f/1.8 lens, while the iPhone 11 has two rear cameras: a main one with a 26mm f/1.8 lens and an ultra wide-angle camera with a 13mm f/2.4 lens.

Which camera focal length is closest to the human eye?

The 50 mm lens is the camera lens that most closely matches the human eye. The angle of view created by the 50 mm focal length is almost the same as the human eye’s viewing angle. The angle of view is determined by the focal length of the eye.

What is the focal length of iPhone 7 camera?

The field of view goes from 63.9° to 58.1°, diagonally. The effective focal length changes from 4.2mm (29.3mm on full frame DSLR) to 4.6mm (32.3mm on full frame DSLR). If you overlay a still image from the video footage and align it to a photo from the same position, you can see this crop in action.

What MM is iPhone 12 camera?

(full-frame equivalent: 13 mm), 12 MP sensor, JPEG WITH 12 MP

Device Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max
Score Wide angle lens 71
Normal lens (2x zoom)
5000 Lux – Lens, Res., ISO, Exposure 1,6/5,10 mm, 4032 x 3024 Px, ISO 32, 3 ms
200 Lux – Lens, Res., ISO, Exposure 1,6/5,10 mm, 4032 x 3024 Px, ISO 200, 17 ms

Does iPhone 13 have 0.5 lens?

The iPhone 13 Pro and Pro Max have three new rear cameras that span a zoom range from 0.5x to 3x. For the first time, all of them can take Night Mode shots, a computational photography technique to handle low-light situations.