What is an indicator light?

What is an indicator light?

(a.k.a. indicator lights, pilot light, panel light, power on/off light) The basics: a small electric light used to indicate something… often used to show an operating condition or whether power is on, these lights come in a range of colors and voltages.

What does the headlight indicator light mean?

High Beam Light Indicator Indicator light means your car’s high beam headlights are on, or if the high beam flash function is used.

Why is my engine indicator light on?

The light could be a minor issue, such as a faulty gas cap, or it could mean something more serious, such as a misfiring engine. The check engine light — more formally known as the malfunction indicator lamp — is a signal from the car’s engine computer that something is wrong.

How do you check an indicator light?

Take your car key and insert it into the ignition, and switch the car to the “on” position, but not to the “start” position in which the engine is running. When you do this, as you may have noticed before, some or all of your dashboard indicator lights will illuminate.

What is a LED pilot light?

Datasheet. Pilot light indicators are used for remote monitoring or indication of system status. Frequently used as signal indicators for accessories or aftermarket add-ons. Solid-state light-emitting diodes (LEDs) ensures long hours.

What is the function of signal lamp?

Signal lights have an important safety function. They demonstrate deceleration and a change in direction of the vehicle, and make the vehicle more visible to other road users when it is dark or during poor visibility.

What does DRL mean on car?

Daytime Running Lights
Daytime Running Lights (DRL) Indicator Vehicle headlights work normally, but DRL does not function; see dealer as soon as possible.

What does yellow symbol mean in car?

Yellow or amber lights often indicate a lower-grade hazard or warning, such as the activation of the traction control system when driving on slippery roads. Green and blue lights simply indicate that a feature is engaged, such as the headlights or cruise control.

How do I fix my engine warning light?

If the check engine light comes on, here are some tips on what you should do:

  1. Look for a serious problem that requires immediate attention.
  2. Try tightening your gas cap.
  3. Reduce speed and load.
  4. Use built-in diagnostic services, if available.

What lights should be on your dashboard?

15 Common Warning Lights on Your Car’s Dashboard

  • Oil Pressure Light.
  • Tire Pressure Warning Light.
  • Engine Temperature Warning.
  • Traction Control Light.
  • Anti-lock Brake Warning Light.
  • Engine Warning (Check Engine Light)
  • Battery Alert.
  • Low Fuel Indicator.

pilot light – indicator consisting of a light to indicate whether power is on or a motor is in operation. indicator lamp, pilot lamp. indicator – a device for showing the operating condition of some system.

What do the indicator lights mean on the ups?

System Status: Green = normal operation

  • DC: Green = battery is supplying power (see diagram below for alarm details)
  • Mute: Orange = alarm muted (see diagram below for muting instructions)
  • Replace Battery: Red = battery replacement required
  • What is an indicator light on a car?

    Service indicator lights exist to let the driver know when the vehicle needs general maintenance. The service indicator lights can inform the driver when the oil needs to be changed, when basic components such as air filters and exhaust systems need to be inspected, and when parts such as the brakes should be replaced.

    What does a red indicator light mean?

    Typically, dash board indicator lights use this system: Red lights indicate a serious problem or safety issue Yellow or orange lights indicate something that needs to be repaired Blue or green is an indicator that a system is on or operating normally