What does the name Wangero signify to Dee to her mother and sister?

What does the identify Wangero signify to Dee to her mom and sister?

The identify “Wangero” signifies that Dee was not associated to her family as a result of she couldn’t are it any longer being associated to individuals who oppress her. To her mom and sister it meant that Dee was being egocentric in denying the identify she had.

What do Dee and Maggie have in frequent?

Dee and Maggie additionally share the identical heritage however have considerably totally different concepts on how they view and honor their ancestors. Dee doesn’t inherently worth the handmade gadgets of her ancestors and is within the churn and vintage quilts as a result of they align with the present social pattern of the time.

Why does the narrator give Maggie the quilts as an alternative of letting Dee take them?

Mama, the narrator, finally provides the household quilts to Maggie as an alternative of Dee (Wangero) as a result of she acknowledges that Dee will get all the things she needs, that she’s even already claimed the quilts as her personal, as a result of they had been promised to Maggie, and since Maggie is the daughter who needs them for the precise causes.

What do Maggie’s scars symbolize?

Symbolic which means will also be present in Maggie’s pores and skin: her scars are actually the inscriptions upon her physique of the ruthless journey of life. Johnson has promised to offer Maggie when she marries are extremely symbolic, representing the Johnsons’ traditions and cultural heritage.

How do Maggie’s scars have an effect on her life?

How do Maggie’s scars have an effect on her life? Maggie’s scars had made her develop right into a shy younger woman. Maggie will likely be nervous till after her sister goes: she is going to stand hopelessly in corners, homely and ashamed of the burn scars down her legs and arms, eyeing her sister with a mix of envy and awe.

How did Maggie get scars?

Maggie has scars as a result of she was injured in a home fireplace. She was pulled out of the burning home by her mom.

What sort of character is Maggie in on a regular basis use?

Maggie. The shy, retiring daughter who lives with Mama. Burned in a home fireplace as a younger lady, Maggie lacks confidence and shuffles when she walks, usually fleeing or hanging within the background when there are different individuals round, unable to make eye contact. She is good-hearted, type, and dutiful.