What does LOL mean in a text?

What does LOL imply in a textual content?

laughing out loud

Is LOL quaint?

Simply as the way in which language adjustments, so does social media etiquette. The as soon as well-liked initialism LOL is not the popular technique of expressing merriment on Fb. In choice, ought to phrases be required, 50 p.c of social media customers will now use “haha” as a substitute. …

What does YTM imply in textual content?

You are the Man

What does Na solely imply?

Not Out there

What does SMT imply in Snapchat?

Sucking My Enamel

What does NA stand for?

no reply

What does 0.Zero imply in texting?

shocked. shocked is utilized in Emoticon. The phrase 0.Zero is utilized in Emoticon which means shocked.

What’s ATM imply in textual content?

for the time being

How do you reply to LOL?

1 Reply. You’ll be able to sort /w username message to message an internet pal. In case your pal replies to the preliminary message, you may simply sort /r message/ . If you wish to ship one other message with out a response, it’s a must to use the /w technique once more.

What’s the greatest reply for LOL?

Relying on the context, I’d reply with some laughing emojis or the large smile one. I then both proceed the dialog or change it up. This additionally is dependent upon the particular person I am speaking to. If it is a shut member of the family or pal, I can simply change up the dialog as a result of clearly I am snug.

What does STW imply?


Acronym Definition
STW Straight to Work (numerous organizations)
STW Shock the World
STW Seize the World (epilepsy charity)
STW Unfold the Phrase

What does XOXO from a woman imply?

XOX, or XOXO, means hugs and kisses, with the x representing kisses and the o representing hugs. It is normally used as a lighthearted approach of expressing affection, sincerity, or deep friendship.

What does N A imply in Instagram?

Not Relevant

What does FTB imply on Instagram?

F*** the BS

What does SKM imply in texting?

Solar Kil Moon

What does FTG imply?

What does FTG stand for?

Rank Abbr. That means
FTG For the Ladies
FTG For the Gang
FTG Flash the Gash
FTG Free the Guys (band)

What does FTF imply?

First to Discover

What does FTW imply in slang?

phrase for the win

What does FTG imply in gaming?

Full Throttle Gaming