What does LOL K mean?

What does LOL Ok imply?

Laughing out Loud, Okay

What’s a kilo in weight?


Which nation makes use of cents?

cent. a small unit of cash utilized in many nations, for instance the US, Canada, and Australia. There are 100 cents in a greenback and its image is ¢.

What’s the smallest prefix?


Goal Prefix Identify Worth
smaller portions or sub items deci Tenth
centi Hundredth
milli Thousandth
micro Millionth

What’s a root cent?

Fast Abstract. The Latin root phrase “cent” which implies “100” and the prefix centi- which implies “one-hundredth” are each essential morphemes within the English language. Some examples of phrases that derive from each this phrase root and prefix embrace p.c, cent, centiliter, and centigram.

What does kilo imply in math?

Kilo is a decimal unit prefix within the metric system denoting multiplication by one thousand (103). It’s used within the Worldwide System of Models, the place it has the image ok, in decrease case. The prefix kilo is derived from the Greek phrase χίλιοι (chilioi), that means “thousand”.

What does a capital Ok imply?

“Ok” is impolite, dismissive, or chilly.

How is KG written?

SI (Worldwide System of Models) utilization, adopted in scientific and technical writing, requires that each the quantity and unit identify be written in full ( e.g. twelve kilograms) or that the numeral be adopted by the image ( e.g. 12 kg ).

What’s the that means of 1 cent?

A cent is a really small unit of cash. Within the US, one cent is identical factor as one penny. A cent is 1/100 of a greenback — in different phrases, there are 100 cents in a greenback. The phrase cent comes from the Latin centum, “hundred.” In Center English, cent meant “100,” however by the 1600s it got here to imply “one hundredth.”

Which phrase has a prefix which means 100?


What’s the prefix for 1 1000?

milli- m

What phrases have the basis circum?

circum-, prefix. circum- comes from Latin, the place it has the that means “spherical, round. ” This that means is present in such phrases as: circuit, circuitous, circumcise, circumference, circumlocution, circumnavigate, circumstance, circumvent, circus.

Is OK impolite?

Gretchen McCulloch, an web linguist and writer of the upcoming guide As a result of Web, mentioned OK isn’t inherently impolite however the size of a reply issues. “Something that is shorter can sound curter, something that is longer can sound extra well mannered,” McCulloch mentioned.

Is Ok Capital in KG?

Each of those symbols are inkorrect as a result of the capital letter Ok is used. ‘Kgs’ can be an inkorrect image. The image ‘kg’ doesn’t have a plural type….Kg Kgs Km Kms.

Inkorrect Image Identify of unit Right Image
Kg kilogram kg

What ought to I reply as an alternative of OK?

Synonyms & Antonyms of OK

  • agreeable,
  • all proper,
  • alright,
  • copacetic.
  • (additionally copasetic or copesetic),
  • ducky,
  • fantastic,
  • good,

How do you write a greenback quantity in numbers?

First, write the quantity in numeric type within the greenback field, positioned on the precise aspect of your examine subsequent to the greenback signal (“$”). Begin by writing the variety of {dollars} (“8”) adopted by a decimal level or interval (“.”), after which the variety of cents (“15”).

What phrases have the basis cent?

-cent-, root. -cent- comes from Latin, the place it has the that means “100. ” This that means is present in such phrases as: cent, centennial, centigrade, centimeter, centipede, century, p.c.

What do you say after OK?

What to say after “R U OK?”​

  • “Hey, how have you ever been currently?
  • “You have not appeared your self currently –I would like to take heed to what’s going on for you.”
  • “What is going on on for you in the meanwhile?”
  • “How are you doing?