What does ETC mean in English?

What does ETC imply in English?

Et cetera

What phrase can I exploit as a substitute of for instance?

For Instance’ Synonym Phrases

  • “As an example …”
  • “To provide you an thought …”
  • “As proof …”
  • “Suppose that …”
  • “As an example …”
  • “Think about …”
  • “Faux that …”
  • “To point out you what I imply …”

Can you employ and so forth after instance?

Don’t use and so forth. with a “listing” that offers just one instance; there needs to be at the very least two gadgets listed. And by no means use and so forth. on the finish of a collection that begins with for instance, e.g., together with, reminiscent of, and the like, as a result of these phrases make and so forth.

How do you say actually good?

Methods to Say Very Good

  1. Excellent!
  2. Tremendous!
  3. Precisely rights.
  4. Improbable.
  5. High-quality!
  6. Nice!
  7. Congratulations!
  8. Great.

How do you say instance in English?

I.e. and e.g. are each Latin abbreviations. E.g. stands for exempli gratia and means “for instance.” I.e. is the abbreviation for id est and means “in different phrases.” Do not forget that E is for instance (e.g.) and that I and E are the primary letters of in essence, another English translation of i.e.

What’s and so forth an instance of?

And so forth. is an abbreviation for et cetera and is outlined as that means and so forth. An instance of the utilization of and so forth. is within the sentence, “Please buy some fruit reminiscent of apples, oranges, and so forth.,” which implies “Please buy some fruit reminiscent of apples, oranges and extra.”

What’s a elaborate phrase for fantastic?

SYNONYMS FOR fantastic 1 superior, wondrous, miraculous, prodigious, astonishing, wonderful, astounding, phenomenal, distinctive, curious, unusual.

How do you say Wonderful?

Arzella invented this listing of 101 Methods to Say “Wonderful!” and posted it by every workstation….

  1. That is the very best ever.
  2. You’ve got nearly mastered it.
  4. That is higher than ever.
  5. Significantly better!
  7. You have to have been practising.
  8. You probably did that very properly.

What’s an abbreviation for for instance?