What does account for mean?

What does account for imply?

1 : to present a purpose or rationalization for (one thing) How do you account on your success? 2 : to be the reason for (one thing) These new options account for the pc’s larger value.

How do you employ account in a sentence?

Account sentence examplesThat account has $10,000 in it. Mr. Her checking account was hardly ever over 2 hundred. He takes care of the payments and he places cash in an account for me. The family account he had arrange for her was wholesome and rising with the month-to-month deposits he made. Right here begins Miss Sullivan’s related account within the report of 1891:

What does account for imply in an essay?

Account for Give causes for

How do you employ add up?

add up​(particularly in damaging sentences) to look cheap; to make sense. His story simply would not add up.​(particularly in damaging sentences) (of numbers) to make a complete that appears cheap or is beneficial. We will not sponsor this mission. ​to extend by small quantities till there’s a massive complete.

How do you employ account?

account forto be the reason or reason behind one thing synonym clarify. The poor climate might have accounted for the small crowd. to present a proof of one thing synonym clarify. How do you account for the present’s success? to be a selected quantity or a part of one thing.

What may account for which means?

Should you can account for one thing, you’ll be able to clarify it or give the required details about it. If somebody has to account for an motion or coverage, they’re chargeable for it, and could also be required to elucidate it to different folks or be punished if it fails.

What’s the phrasal verb of account for?

account for any person/one thing 1to know the place somebody or one thing is or what has occurred to them, particularly after an accident All passengers have now been accounted for. Three recordsdata can’t be accounted for. (casual) to defeat or destroy somebody or one thing Our antiaircraft weapons accounted for 5 enemy bombers.