What battery does a Dell Inspiron use?

What battery does a Dell Inspiron use?

lithium-ion batteries
Like most laptops, Dell laptops use lithium-ion batteries. One type of lithium-ion battery is the lithium-ion polymer battery.

How long should a Dell Inspiron battery last?

On average, a laptop battery lasts about 1,000 charge cycles or between 2-4 years of typical use. That’s when you should expect to replace your laptop battery. If you’re OK to use it plugged in more often than you used to, there’s no need to replace the laptop battery.

How do I know which Dell laptop battery I have?

Dell model numbers can be found on the bottom of the laptop. There is also occasionally a DPN (Dell Part Number) for the entire unit, which can be searched as a backup. Dell batteries always have a ‘type’ number which is what you’ll need to search for when looking for a replacement.

How do I start my Dell Inspiron 1525 in Safe Mode?

Press the Power button. Immediately, start pressing the F8 key once a second until the Advanced Boot Menu appears. If the computer starts up into Windows, turn the computer off and try again. Press the Up Arrow or Down Arrow key to highlight Safe Mode with Networking, then press Enter.

How much does a Dell Inspiron 1525 weigh?

‎Dell Series ‎Inspiron Item model number ‎1525 Hardware Platform ‎PC Operating System ‎Windows VISTA; Item Weight ‎5.9 pounds Package Dimensions ‎15 x 13.9 x 2.5 inches Color ‎Navy Blue Processor Brand ‎Intel Processor Count ‎1 Computer Memory Type ‎DDR2 SDRAM Hard Drive Interface ‎ESATA Hard Drive Rotational Speed

How do you change the battery in a Dell Inspiron?

Plug your Inspiron AC adapter into a nearby wall socket. Then, connect the end of the adapter cable to your notebook’s power socket. Turn your notebook over and find the battery latch. Slide the latch into the release position and pull out the old battery. Install the new Dell battery by simply popping it into place.

What is the battery life of the Dell Inspiron?

Dell Inspiron 15 Battery Life. Dell shipped our Inspiron 15 review unit with their standard 6-cell, 48Wh battery and advertise it as being able to hit up to 3 hours and 43 minutes of running time.