What age is Genesis bow for?

What age is Genesis bow for?

Weighing only 2 pounds and having the draw weight range of only 6 to 12 lbs, the Mathews Genesis Mini is an ideal bow for small kids from 3 to 8 years old.

Is Genesis a good bow?

Genesis bows are the only NASP (National Archery in Schools Program) approved bows. They are fantastic quality and long-lasting. As the only NASP approved bows, if your child wishes to compete, they will need one of these.

Can you hunt with a Genesis bow?

With a draw weight of up to 40lbs, this bow meets the requirements for whitetail hunting in most states. This cam also performs “snap-shooting” exceptionally well, making it a great candidate for various forms of instinctive shooting, like bow-fishing!

What is the draw weight of a Genesis bow?

The draw weight is determined by the bow model. The Genesis Mini is adjustable from 6-12 pounds. The Genesis Original adjustable from 10-20 pounds. The Gen-X is adjustable from 25-40 pounds.

How far will a Genesis bow shoot?

Adults typically shoot 20 yards or 18 meters. Cubs or Elementary will shoot at 10 yards or 9 meters. Distance and ages are all determined by the sanctioning organization that puts on the event. Archers will shoot 5 arrows at the Blue Face Target or 3 arrows at the Vegas Target per End.

Can adults use Genesis bows?

For anyone wishing to get into archery a bow must ift the shooter, be it youth or adult. That means it has to fit them for draw length and a weight they can handle. The problem with genesis bows is the “one bow fits all mentality”. To shoot well over time a person has to develop repeatable form.

What is the mini Genesis®?

The Mini Genesis® allows for easier draw and aim without becoming fatigued. Weighing only two lbs, the Mini is built for anyone ready to experience the thrills of archery for the first time. Available in right or left hand draw as a stand-alone bow or as a kit.

What is the difference between the original Genesis Bow models?

The Original Genesis was the first model to be introduced into the market and included in the National Archery in Schools Program and there more than 10 million Bow student users so far. The main difference between the four models is draw length and draw weight. All the models are ideal for varying sizes of archer.

Is Mathews a good hunting bow brand?

I know that Mathews is a well-known brand of hunting bows. They did not skimp on the quality of this entry-level bow either. It is an excellent design that allows my 10-year old daughter and my 6′ frame to shoot the same bow. My daughter has shot with this bow multiple times around the house and at practice. Completely ready to go out of the box.

Is the Genesis Gen-X compound bow good for beginners?

Final Thoughts about the Genesis Gen-X Compound Bow This bow can be used by archers of different strengths, age and skill. The bow is not only flexible, but it is also affordable. It is highly recommended for beginners, especially children and teenagers who would like to use a compound bow.