Office Moves 101: 6 Quick Tips For Small Business Owners

Office Moves 101: 6 Quick Tips For Small Business Owners

If you’re a small business owner with a plan to make an office move, then congratulations! Chances are, you’ve decided to make an office move for a variety of reasons – these might include moving to a better location, downsizing or upsizing your operations, or even expanding and opening new branches. Regardless of the reason, you’re very likely approaching your upcoming office move strategically – and interestingly, you might soon find out that an office move has a lot more intricacies compared to the standard office move.

In fact, while an office move can feel overwhelming at first, the right approach can actually make it one of the best decisions you’ve made for your company. As such, you might want to consider following these quick tips to make you office move maximize your small business opportunities:

  • Consider streamlining your operations and your moving schedule. Instead of simply shutting down your operations for the duration of the move, it helps to streamline both your operational schedule and your moving timeline. For instance, it may help to work with a skeleton crew in order to ensure continued operations. That way, you can still have part of your team help you and professionals such as piano movers secure what you need for the move. Dividing the workforce this way allows you to maximize your sales while at the same ensuring your move stays as consistent as possible. This also ensures that employees have something productive to do to be able to contribute and slowly familiarize themselves with their new office and environment.
  • Settle any employee concerns as soon as possible. Remember, moving companies nyc  also come with potential changes in terms of staff. Once you’ve finalized your decision to make an office move, talk to all relevant personnel who will be affected by this move. Try to ensure whether they have an adequate means of transportation or a place to stay that is nearby the new office. Otherwise, it might be wise to retain these staff in your old branch and switch them with staff that could actually be in your new branch. Clearing logistical concerns like this as soon as possible can avoid potential employee conflicts.
  • Incorporate your office move into your marketing strategy. If your company involves store-related sales, then you should consider incorporating your office move into your marketing strategy. This is especially the case if you’re moving to another branch or opening another branch of your store. A “closing” discount or an “opening” promo that you announce via social media or your other channels can greatly help in driving more traffic to your business instead of away from it. In these kinds of strategies, you need to consider whether you can advertise about your new branch or office via social media, or if you rely on foot traffic to get word out of these changes. Moreover, this also allows you to ensure that your business remains operational regardless of the move.
  • Settle matters regarding your inventory as soon as possible. One of the best ways you can ensure that your office move works as smoothly as possible is ensuring your inventory is updated and actionable. For instance, your inventory shouldn’t just include a list of items and equipment your office currently possesses. Rather, you should also ensure that you note important factors such as quantity, weight and quality, or even relevant statuses such as if anything needs repairs or replacement. Having this kind of data as soon as possible allows you to determine if you need to make any necessary purchases that won’t surprise you by the time you assess your budget.
  • Secure your products and appropriate storage. If your company deals with products, it’s important that you also procure a storage space aside from a means to facilitate the move properly. A storage unit that you can easily access allows you to ensure that there’s always a place to store your inventory while you wait for your team to settle in your new office. Moreover, you need to make sure that such a space you’re acquiring should be able to safely store the kind of products you have. Remember, electronics, food, and other sensitive products need specific kinds of storage.
  • Hire professionals to assist with the logistics. If you feel as though you’re having trouble with the logistical concerns of your move, perhaps professionals such as your best moving company NYC may be able to help. Their knowledge, skill set, equipment, and manpower should be able to help you handle a majority of the needs you have with your office move. Additionally, since they offer various services such as moving, transportation, and even storage, they can definitely be tasked to do specific moving responsibilities your team will require.

Office Moves For Small Businesses: Make It Work

With the above tips in mind, it’s important to remember that it’s actually possible for you and your small business to pull off an office move. Given the right planning and execution, you may be able to conduct your office move properly and securely without experiencing any unnecessary troubles and mishaps. Moreover, depending on your business and sales approach, your office move might even become the perfect opportunity for your business to grow and expand into a much larger customer-base – especially if you align your marketing approach with the rest of your move.