Is there a comma before etc?

Is there a comma earlier than and many others?

There is not any definitive reply, as a result of totally different type guides advocate totally different utilization. Nonetheless, the type that appears to be advisable probably the most is to all the time embody a comma earlier than “and many others.”; it is strongly recommended even by those that discourage the usage of the Oxford comma (the comma earlier than the final merchandise in a listing).

What’s the full which means of DVD and CD?

Definition. CD stands for Compact Disk. DVD stands for Digital Versatile Disk. 2. Measurement.

What’s full type Sqpdcm?

Security, High quality, Supply, Price, and Morale.

What’s the goal of an ALU?

Arithmetic logic unit The ALU has two major features: It performs arithmetic and logical operations (selections). The ALU is the place calculations are completed and the place selections are made. It acts as a gateway between main reminiscence and secondary storage .

What’s full type out?

OUT OUTput Computing » File Extensions — and extra… Fee it:
OUT Output to Port Computing » Meeting Fee it:
OUT Outsize Cargo Governmental » Army — and extra… Fee it:
OUT Operational Unit Transportable Governmental » Army Fee it:
OUT Bousso, Chad Regional » Airport Codes Fee it:

What’s the title of ALU?

Alu is a Tshivenda title for infants which means Be affluent. Learn under for Alu’s celeb and ruler associations, and numerological meanings.

What’s the full type of CV?

Curriculum vitae

What’s full from of DVD?

Digital versatile disc

Is ALU a phrase?

Sure, alu is a legitimate Scrabble phrase.

What’s the full which means of USB in ICT?

Common Serial Bus

What does ETC imply in texting?

Et Cetera

What’s full type of ALU and CU?

Central Processing Unit (CPU) = Arithmetical Logical Unit (ALU) + Management Unit (CU)

What’s the lengthy model of and many others?

and many others: Et cetera “Et cetera” is a Latin time period which is used on the locations the place we need to say “and different issues” or “and so forth”.. The time period et cetera is usually written briefly type as and many others. This Latin phrase is adopted in English too and used to point continuance of a collection with comparable gadgets.

What’s the primary distinction between CD and DVD?

Comparability Chart

Foundation for comparability CD DVD
Expands to Compact disk Digital Versatile Disk
Acquired dimension 700 MB 4.7 to 17 GB
Utilization Much less as in comparison with DVDs. Extra
Steel layer (recording layer) place on the disk Prime Center of the disk.

How do you employ and many others in the midst of a sentence?

Usually, in American English, if “and many others.” is used in the midst of a sentence, it’s adopted by a comma. (Tennis, soccer, baseball, and many others., are outside video games.) Nonetheless, if this phrase seems on the finish of a sentence then the interval (which is a part of “and many others.”) serves as the ultimate punctuation mark.

What’s the distinction between a DVD and a CD?

CD, quick for Compact Disc, is an optical medium that may retailer digital knowledge. DVD, quick for Digital Versatile Disc, can also be an optical medium to retailer digital knowledge. A typical DVD can maintain 4.7 GB of information. So DVD is extensively used to retailer massive recordsdata like video and flicks.

Do you place a comma earlier than and when itemizing three issues?

Use commas to separate three or extra gadgets in a collection. Lists of three or extra phrases, phrases, and clauses require commas between every merchandise.

What’s a full type of CD?

The total type of CD is the compact disc. CDs can retailer digital codecs of any data, reminiscent of video, audio, textual content, images, and so forth. The information is saved on the disc within the type of tiny notches, and when the disc is carried out, the knowledge is interpreted from an optical drive by a laser.

What’s full type of ALU?

In computing, an arithmetic logic unit (ALU) is a combinational digital circuit that performs arithmetic and bitwise operations on integer binary numbers.

What’s the full type of PDF and JPG?

The total type of PDF is Moveable Doc Format and JPG is Joint Photographic Specialists Group.