Is the prologue the beginning?

Is the prologue the start?

A prologue is an editorial discovered in the beginning of a literary work, earlier than the primary chapter and separate from the principle story.

Can a prologue have a title?

If neither of these titles matches then it is simply potential that what you’ve got written is definitely a prologue, during which case, you possibly can title it ‘prologue. ‘ In case you are providing you with different chapters inventive titles nonetheless, then you are able to do the identical for a prologue.

Can a brief story have a prologue?

What’s a prologue? A prologue is sort of a brief story—a small glimpse, set in your story’s world, written in the identical model as the remainder of your e-book however with clear separation from the beginning of your story.

Does my story want a prologue?

Most tales do not want them, but many writers select to incorporate them of their tales. Due to this, there are far too many poorly written prologues on this world, main many skilled writers to villainize prologues as a complete.