Is T2 available in America?

Is T2 available in America?

In 2017, the first T2 stores were opened in Scotland (131 Buchanan Street, Glasgow), and in Singapore (the first outlet in Asia). As of November 2017, there are over 96 stores across Australia, New Zealand, the United States and Asia.

What is T2 product?

What is T2? Community goods are from the EU or bought in the EU, or are non-community goods that have been cleared (or imported from another country) to public circulation. These goods are ready to be redistributed.

What does T2 sell?

Shop, sip, savour and save big at T2 tea sales! Find fab savings on teawares, loose leaf teas and tea bags including top faves like English Breakfast tea and Earl Grey.

Is T2 overpriced?

The tea products T2 sell are at best, very average. When you buy their actual products, be prepared to be disappointed. They are overpriced given the poor quality of tea. Their teawares are also grossly overpriced for the cheap quality that they are.

How do you drink T2 tea?

Sip mindfully and enjoy!

  1. Boil the kettle. Warm your cup or pot first by adding a splash of boiling water. Swill and discard, then fill with fresh water to brew.
  2. Place the teabag in the cup.
  3. Brew for the recommended time (see below).
  4. Remove the teabag. Add milk and sweetener if using. Sip mindfully and enjoy!

Does T2 ship to Canada?

International delivery: Enjoy free international delivery for all online purchases over $120 within Canada. Online purchases of $120 or less can be delivered within Canada for $30.

Is T2 organic?

At T2 our blossoming range of organic teas are defined by their sky-blue packs, and include some of our best-selling brews: 100% Certified Organic Matcha and Organic Turmeric Matcha.

Who is the founder of T2?

Maryanne Shearer
Jan O’Connor

Does T2 go off?

Tea is classified as a ‘low-risk item’ (like honey or bottled water) so as a general rule of thumb, it doesn’t expire. Our teas are best sipped before their best before date!

Is T2 tea safe?

My tea doesn’t taste or look like it usually does. But fear not, the teas are still safe to drink.

Does T2 expire?

Is T2 tea good for you?

For example, the T2 Belly Blend is a gut-loving tea made from cacao, carob and cocoa. The benefits of this include a reduction in cravings, calming of bloating and improved digestion! Additionally, the Glowgetter Blend helps encourage glowing skin from the inside out!

What can you find at T2?

T2 offers Australia’s biggest range of beautiful, fragrant teas from all around the world. All of the T2 stores feature a table filled with tiny bowls of all their teas so you can see and compare the ingredients and smell the different aromas.

What can you expect at a T2 Tea Shop?

All of the T2 stores feature a table filled with tiny bowls of all their teas so you can see and compare the ingredients and smell the different aromas. There are also daily tea tastings what better way for you to discover your favourite flavours than to sample from their extensive range of teas from all over the world.

What is the T2 Tea Society?

The T2 Tea Society is a chance to let your passion for tea run wild, and to be rewarded for that passion. As a much-loved member you can expect pressies, events and oodles of benefits! Your browser’s Javascript functionality is turned off. Please turn it on so that you can experience the full capabilities of this site.