Is it in spite of or despite?

Is it despite or regardless of?

The straightforward reply: none. Regardless of and despite, regardless of what you could have heard, work identically in a sentence. In different phrases, these two prepositions, despite what you could have heard, are principally similar. Generally, each imply “however,” “though,” or “no matter.”

What can I say as an alternative of regardless of?

Synonyms foragainst.though.though.even contempt defiance of.within the face of.however.

What’s the that means of inspite and regardless of?

Regardless of and despite have the identical that means and are prepositions. We use regardless of / despite to specific that one thing is surprising or shocking. Regardless of the heavy visitors, we bought there on time. Regardless of being a lot older than the others, he received the race. Regardless of and despite might be adopted by a noun or verb.

What kind of phrase is regardless of?

The operate phrase regardless of is a preposition. The preposition regardless of is adopted by a noun or a noun phrase, by no means a clause.