How do you use useful in a sentence?

How do you utilize helpful in a sentence?

Helpful sentence instance

  1. He has a helpful present.
  2. For somebody who wants extra energy, it is a very helpful expertise.
  3. “I may do one thing extra helpful , like assist Toni plan operations,” he allowed.
  4. “That is the primary helpful factor seen you do,” she mentioned.
  5. She was helpful for now.

What’s one other phrase for getting used to?

get used to; develop accustomed to; calm down; familiarise; aquire; grasp; study; familiarize.

What’s one other phrase for ineffective?

Ineffective Synonyms – WordHippo Thesaurus….What’s one other phrase for ineffective?

inefficient ineffectual
insufficient inefficacious
feeble powerless
unfit ineffective
impotent inept

Which is an instance of counterproductive work habits?

Definition of Counterproductive Work Habits (CWB): Counterproductive work behaviors are available many alternative kinds, however can embody tardiness, theft, fraud, sexual harassment, office bullying, absenteeism, substance abuse, office aggression, or sabotage.

What’s one other phrase for counterproductive?

What’s one other phrase for counterproductive?

ineffectual ineffective
meaningless inept
hopeless inutile
weak unproductive
unavailing pointless

Is there a phrase which means each good and unhealthy?

The query is an fascinating one. Whether it is about emotions for a factor or individual, a proper choice could possibly be “ambivalent”, whether it is imagined to evoke each good and unhealthy reactions / love and hate feelings a few factor or an individual.

Is Counterproductive a phrase?

adjective. thwarting the achievement of an meant objective; tending to defeat one’s objective: Dwelling on credit score whereas attempting to save cash is counterproductive.

What makes a very good counterargument?

Determine the opposing argument. Reply to it by discussing the explanations the argument is incomplete, weak, unsound, or illogical. Present examples or proof to indicate why the opposing argument is unsound, or present explanations of how the opposing argument is incomplete or illogical.

What are the instance of helpful?

The definition of helpful is useful or helpful. An instance of helpful used as an adjective is the phrase “helpful info” which implies info that’s useful. Being of sensible use. A helpful job; helpful members of society.

How do you take care of counterproductive habits?

Problem them with new tasks or encourage them to enhance the work they at present produce. Be assertive. With out dropping your mood, fight counterproductive work behaviors assertively. Make it clear {that a} constructive work setting is paramount to the success of your facility, and keep that authority.

What’s adjective of hurt?

adjective. inflicting or able to inflicting hurt; injurious: a dangerous concept; a dangerous behavior.

How do you say one thing is helpful?


  1. advantageous,
  2. benefic,
  3. beneficent,
  4. benignant,
  5. favorable,
  6. pleasant,
  7. good,
  8. useful,

Is profit an adjective?

adjective. conferring profit; advantageous; useful: the helpful impact of sunshine.

What’s the verb of helpful?

assist. (transitive) To offer help to (somebody or one thing). (transitive) To contribute not directly to. (intransitive) To offer help.

What’s one other phrase for helpful?

What’s one other phrase for helpful?

helpful advantageous
good sensible
appropriate of use
serviceable handy
acceptable beneficent

What’s instance of dangerous?

The definition of dangerous is one thing that causes harm or is ready to be hurtful. A chemical that causes you to grow to be sick is an instance of a chemical that might be described as dangerous. Inflicting or in a position to trigger hurt; hurtful. Of a sort prone to be damaging; injurious.