How do you say good job in slang?

How do you say good job in slang?

Methods to Say GOOD JOB in English

  1. All Proper!
  2. Precisely proper.
  3. Wonderful!
  4. Distinctive.
  5. Fabulous!
  6. Incredible!
  7. Sensational!
  8. Fantastic!

How do you say nicely finished to somebody?

21 methods to say “nicely finished”

  1. I am proud you are on my group.
  2. Congratulations on a terrific job.
  3. You are so useful. Thanks.
  4. You frequently enhance. Nicely finished.
  5. Thanks a lot to your constant effort.
  6. I actually admire your perseverance.
  7. Your cheerful temper lifts the group’s spirit.
  8. You are a champion.

When folks say sustain the nice work?

Definition: The phrase sustain the nice work is used to encourage an individual to proceed doing the nice issues they’re doing now.

What’s one other solution to say sustain the nice work?

Synonyms for Preserve Up the Good Work! Congratulations, you bought it proper! Congratulations! Could not have finished it higher myself.

How do you reply when somebody says stick with it?

A superb response to that is, “Thanks, I’ll.”…Sustain the nice work.

  1. Boss: Katie, I actually like the way in which that you simply designed this. The colours actually work nicely collectively. I believe that is going to look nice.
  2. Katie: Oh, thanks.
  3. Boss. You’ve got actually been performing some nice stuff these days. Sustain the nice work.

What’s sustain the nice work?

: to proceed doing good work He was informed to maintain up the nice work.

Is stick with it a praise?

“Stick with it” means proceed doing what you might be doing, and it often refers to one thing optimistic. An instance is “You’re doing nice work. Stick with it.” This might imply that somebody is complimenting your work and needs you to proceed to do a very good job.

What to say to stick with it?

What’s one other phrase for stick with it?

preserve making an attempt keep it up making an attempt
be diligent not quit with
proceed with peg away at
plod on by means of sustain
stick with press forward with

What’s the which means of excellent work?

Save This Phrase! Acts of charity, kindness, or good will, as in She spent a lot of her life in doing good works, particularly for the homeless. This expression, additionally put nearly as good work, initially had the theological which means of an act of piety.

How do you say somebody is an effective job?

For a job nicely finished

  1. Good!
  2. Thanks, that is precisely what I used to be searching for.
  3. Fantastic, that is greater than I anticipated.
  4. That is so nice I need not make any revisions to it in any respect.
  5. I recognize your crucial pondering round this challenge.
  6. Nicely finished—and forward of deadline too!
  7. You’re such a group participant.

What are issues to be happy with?

12 Issues We Ought to At all times Be Proud Of

  • A job that you simply love.
  • Your sense of fashion.
  • Your pals.
  • Your loved ones.
  • Your potential to forgive.
  • Your previous.
  • Your demand for some alone time.
  • We needs to be happy with our traditions and values.

What’s one other phrase for being proud?

Some widespread synonyms of proud are smug, disdainful, haughty, insolent, lordly, overbearing, and supercilious.