How do you make text bold in HTML w3schools?

How do you make text bold in HTML w3schools?

HTML contains several elements for defining text with a special meaning….HTML Text Formatting Elements.

Tag Description
Defines bold text
Defines emphasized text
Defines a part of text in an alternate voice or mood
Defines smaller text

Is there a bold tag in HTML?

The tag in HTML is used to specify the bold text without any extra importance. The text is written within tag display in bold size. You can do that by using font-weight: bold; property in CSS.

How do I make text bold in CSS?

To create a CSS bold text effect, you must use the font-weight property. The font-weight property determines the “weight” of a font, or how bold that font appears. You can use keywords or numeric values to instruct CSS on how bold a piece of text should be.

How do you make bullet points in HTML?

To create HTML bullet points, type the first part of the start tag at the point in the web page at which to add the unordered list (Exclude the trailing periods at the ends of these sentences.):

    How do I select HTML element in CSS?

    In CSS, selectors are patterns used to select the element(s) you want to style….CSS Selectors.

    Selector Example Example description
    * * Selects all elements
    element p Selects all


    element.class p.intro Selects all

    elements with class=”intro”

    element,element div, p Selects all elements and all


tags around the text to turn into a bulleted list. Second, place the

  • tags around each line item in the list. You can choose from three formatting type choices when making HTML bullet points.