How do I contact Arizona State retirement?

How do I contact Arizona State retirement?

To reach the ASRS during available business hours, call:

  1. 602-240-2000 from within metropolitan Phoenix.
  2. 520-239-3100 from within metropolitan Tucson.
  3. 800-621-3778 from outside the Tucson and Phoenix areas.

Is Arizona State Retirement System a lifetime benefit?

Your ASRS retirement pension provides a lifetime guaranteed benefit based on your years of service and final salary. You have a contractual relationship with the ASRS, protected by the Arizona constitution. Your benefit does not “run out” and cannot be reduced.

Can I withdraw from my Arizona State retirement?

Retire from ASRS if you are eligible. Or, you can: Take a refund of your account, with applicable interest. You may withdraw your funds in cash and pay all taxes and penalties, or you may rollover your funds to another qualified retirement program. This option is also known as a Forfeiture.

How much does Arizona State retirement take out?

The ASRS has outperformed the assumed earnings rate of 7.5% six of the last 10 years, with a 10-year average return of 8.9%, adding significant additional value to the trust fund over time….OUTPERFORMANCE.

10 Year $6.6 billion
5 Year $2.3 billion
3 Year $1.5 billion
1 Year $459 million

What is a state retirement pension?

The State Pension is a regular payment from the government most people can claim when they reach State Pension age. This includes National Insurance contributions that you pay when you are working and contributions that are credited to you when you are unable to work.

Do Arizona state employees get a pension?

Unlike many states’ plans, Arizona’s public workers don’t have a vesting period — meaning they’re eligible to gain the right to pension contributions from their employer upon enrolling in the system. However, benefits and refundable contributions available to members will vary depending on a member’s years of service.

How long does it take to get your retirement refund check?

Typically, the time it takes to receive a 401(k) disbursement check is two to four weeks.

What happens if you refund your retirement?

Your refund will be taxed as income unless you request a rollover into a qualified tax-deferred retirement account. You may be assessed additional federal and state taxes if you take your refund before age 59 ½ and do not roll over your funds to a qualified tax-deferred retirement plan.

Is AZ State retirement taxable?

ASRS pension benefits are considered taxable income by the Internal Revenue Service. Generally, pension benefit payments are considered taxable income for contributions to the ASRS after July 1, 1986, excluding any purchased service prior to retirement made with after-tax money.

What’s the retirement age in Arizona?

65 years old
When can I retire? Any member can retire at 65 years old, but you can retire with a reduced benefit as early as 50 years old as long as you have 5 years of service credits.

What is the Arizona State Retirement System (ASRS)?

For more than 50 years, the Arizona State Retirement System has provided retirement security to Arizona’s public servants, including teachers, municipal workers and other government employees. The ASRS proudly serves more than a half-million members, including more than 100,000 retired members.

How do I contact the Arizona State Registry of Social Security?

To reach the ASRS during available business hours, call: 602-240-2000 from within metropolitan Phoenix 520-239-3100 from within metropolitan Tucson 800-621-3778 from outside the Tucson and Phoenix areas

How do I contact the Arizona Department of public benefits?

Email: Enrollment, eligibility or other issues | [email protected] Email: Technical issues with this website | [email protected] Be sure to use the mailing address provided on your billing statement or form. Do not bring forms or checks to the phyiscal address. Processing will be delayed.

What are the hours of the ASRS office in Arizona?

The ASRS has offices in Phoenix and Tucson. Business hours at both locations are Monday through Friday from 8 AM to 5 PM, excluding holidays. Take the Light Rail to the ASRS Phoenix office!