Can you buy decommissioned fire trucks?

Can you buy decommissioned fire trucks?

Please call our sales team at (866) 876-0979 and we will be happy to work with you to find the exact used fire trucks for sale you need. Our experience with the sale and refurbishment of used fire trucks allows us to quickly determine which trucks will provide the most value to your department.

How much does a fire brush truck cost?

The average cost for fire trucks 20 to 40 years old is around $35,000. The median price is around $25,000.

How much does a Type 3 fire engine cost?

The total purchase price for Hi-Tech, International, 350 HP, 500 GPM, Type 3 Wildland Pumper is $430,708.76, including sales tax. The Apparatus Replacement Fund will be utilized for the purchase of the fire engine.

What is a quick attack fire truck?

EVI Quick Attack Fire Apparatus are designed and built to fit each departments’ needs. Quick Attack Fire Trucks offer Fire Departments a versatile option to allow quick arrival on scenes and are easy to maneuver into tight spaces.

What is the cost of a hook and ladder fire truck?

A ladder truck will cost in the range of $550,000 to $650,000. The typical life span for a fire engine is 10 years and for a ladder truck 15 years. This is based on the point where the cost of maintenance is greater than the payments on a new piece of apparatus.

What can you do with an old fire truck?

When they’ve reached the end of their firefighting lives, they become available for public ownership through auctions. Owners of retired fire trucks and fire engines have found a myriad of uses for them from personal to commercial, including converting them into RVs, food trucks and water tanks.

How long do fire trucks last?

It’s expected to last at least 20 years. For six weeks before the truck was put into service, fire crews trained on it for three or four hours a day.

Can fire trucks come to birthday parties?

Smokey’s will provide your next birthday party or special event with one of our REAL fire trucks. Our fire trucks are equipped for both kids and adults to climb aboard, ride, and explore the exciting life of a firefighter. Unlike most entertainment at kids’ parties, the adults will have a blast too!