Can I start a story with dialogue?

Can I begin a narrative with dialogue?

Sure, you can begin a guide with dialogue, however set up the setting and the characters as quickly as attainable, or the reader must do plenty of guessing. As you say, there are a lot of tales that work that begin with dialogue. Dialogue is only a mechanism for telling a narrative.

Are you able to finish a chapter with dialogue?

Chapters can finish with dialogue or with motion. They need to include one thing new or stunning. Chapters ought to by no means finish with a personality yawning and going to mattress—readers will be a part of that character in handing over.

What’s the shortest chapter guide?

Psalm 117

What’s the longest Bible chapter?

Psalm 119

What’s the shortest title within the Bible?


Is 2 John the shortest guide within the Bible?

Second John and Third John are the 2 shortest books within the Bible. Nevertheless, Second John has the fewest verses within the Bible with just one chapter made up of solely 13 verses.

Which gospel is longest?

Gospel of Luke