Who is Marina Tsvetaeva?

Who is Marina Tsvetaeva?

Lily Feiler, in her biography Marina Tsvetaeva: The Double Beat of Heaven and Hell, calls the poet “one of the major Russian poets” of the twentieth century.

What did Tsvetaeva write about?

Tsvetaeva, a celebrated Russian poet writing in the early twentieth century, was known for her poems about love, loneliness, and alienation.

Who is Tsvetaeva in Greek mythology?

In the Greek myth of Zeus and Semele, Semele, a young maiden, is burnt to a crisp when her lover, Zeus, appears to her in all his true glory. Such are the dangers of loving a deity. Tsvetaeva, according to the reports of her biographers, was something like Zeus in relation to her lovers.

Why did Tsvetaeva leave the Soviet Union?

Upon returning to the Soviet Union herself in 1939, Tsvetaeva found a society filled with fear, even in the arts allowing no deviation from the rules set down by the Communist Party, which essentially meant that Tsvetaeva could no longer publish her works, because she would not conform to the rules.