Which borough in London has the best secondary schools?

Which borough in London has the best secondary schools?

Redbridge and Southwark have the highest number of secondary schools given the top ranking. London also has 300,660 full time students, the largest student population in the UK, and 65 university campuses across the capital….Hot 100 2018 – Top boroughs for education provision.

Rank Borough Total
1 Redbridge 10
1= Southwark 10
3 Barnet 9
3= Houslow 9

Can I apply for secondary school in different borough?

You can apply for a place at a state secondary school online or by using your council’s application form. You apply through your local council even if you’re applying for schools in another council area.

What is the best public secondary school in London?

London’s best state secondary schools

  • Queen Elizabeth’s School.
  • The Henrietta Barnett School.
  • Wilson’s School.
  • The Tiffin Girls’ School.
  • St Olave’s Grammar School.
  • The Latymer School.
  • St Michael’s RC Grammar School, Finchley.
  • Tiffin School.

How many primary schools are in Southwark?

74 primary schools
For children starting school in Southwark, there are 74 primary schools to choose from.

Where should I move in London for good schools?

The best London neighbourhoods for state schools

  • Kingston & Sutton. Average house price, £624,100 and £429,350 respectively; average rental price per week £552 and £449 respectively.
  • Barnet.
  • Richmond.
  • Kensington and Chelsea.
  • Redbridge.
  • Westminster.
  • Ealing.
  • Wandsworth.

Which London borough has most grammar schools?

London borough of Bexley
The most pro-grammar school area of the country – the London borough of Bexley – has four grammar schools.

Do you apply for secondary school in Year 5?

Many local education authorities now encourage parents to apply for their child’s school online. You’ll be given information about how to apply from your school at the end of Year 5 or the beginning of Year 6. You should make a careful note of the application deadline.

How do I choose the best secondary school for my child?

Secondary schools – top tips when applying

  1. Trust your instinct. Parents know best what their child is like.
  2. Check the admissions criteria. This should be on both the school website and the local authority’s website.
  3. Pick more than one school.
  4. Don’t leave any blanks on the form.
  5. Supply the right documentation.

What is the best secondary school in England 2021?

2021 Results

# A + A* % Name
1 99.80 St Paul’s Girls’ School
2 99.60 Wycombe Abbey School
3 99.50 Haberdashers’ Boys’ School – Elstree
4 99.20 Godolphin & Latymer School

What is the best primary school in Southwark?

The Best Primary Schools Near Southwark

School Inspection Rating Ages
Riverside Primary School Janeway Street, London, SE16 4PS Outstanding 3-11
Vauxhall Primary School Vauxhall Street, London, SE11 5LG Outstanding 3-11
St Joseph’s Catholic Primary School Gomm Road, Lower Road, London, SE16 2TY Outstanding 3-11

What is the best secondary school in UK?

King’s College London Maths
Top 50 Secondary schools in England by Key Stage 5 (A-Level and equivalent) Average Point Score

Rank School Summary
1 King’s College London Maths School 80 Kennington Road, London, SE11 6NJ Last year ranked 2
2 Magdalen College School Cowley Place, Oxford, OX4 1DZ Last year ranked 4

How to apply for a secondary school place in Southwark?

If you’re a Southwark resident, you must apply online for a secondary school place. You can find further information on completing an online school admissions application here: How to apply online. apply for your child’s school place online guidance leaflet (pdf, 63kb)

What percentage of Southwark pupils achieve 5 good GCSEs?

The league tables for schools [sometimes known as the Schools Performance Tables] reveal that 58.8% of secondary school pupils achieve 5 good GCSEs. Southwark is the 24th largest London borough by size [11.14 square miles] and the 10th largest borough by population [288,283].

What is the school year in Southwark?

The school year for Southwark schools begin in early September and end in late July. Children aged 3-5 years can attend nursery classes on a part-time basis. Additionally, children aged 2-4 years may be entitled to free childcare before they reach compulsory school age. There are 3 different types of secondary schools in Southwark.

Where do Southwark secondary schools rank in DfE?

Southwark Secondary Schools The DfE statistics used in the preparation of the school league tables show that Southwark secondary schools perform slightly worse than average – they rank number 24 amongst the 33 London Boroughs. The interactive map below shows the top schools from approximately 22 secondary schools in the borough.