When was Yankees last triple play?

When was Yankees last triple play?

Before this year, the Yankees hadn’t pulled off a triple play since April 17, 2014. In the span of a month, they have now done it three times. And by winning the series against the 44-29 Athletics, the Yankees improved to 38-33.

Did the Yankees have a triple play?

The Yankees turned a triple play for a record-tying third time this season in dramatic fashion, capping off a 2-1 victory on Sunday against the Oakland Athletics. It was MLB’s first game-ending triple play since the Philadelphia Phillies did it to the New York Mets on August 23, 2009.

When was the Yankees triple play?

The Yankees’ first triple play of the season on May 21 was much cleaner and more conventional, an around-the-horn job against the Chicago White Sox that got Aroldis Chapman out of a ninth-inning jam.

Has a triple play ever ended a game?

The last time a triple play ended a game was Aug. 23, 2009, when the Phillies turned one against the Mets, and it has happened 27 times in MLB history.

Has any MLB game ended triple play?

Which MLB team has the most triple plays?

The most triple plays turned by one team in a season is three. Here’s the list: 2021 Yankees, 2016 White Sox, 1979 Red Sox, 1979 A’s, 1965 Cubs, 1964 Phillies, 1924 Red Sox, 1911 Tigers. In the 19th century, it was also done four times (1890 Rochester/AA, 1886 Brooklyn/AA, 1885 NY Giants/NL, 1882 Cincinnati/AA).

Who has an unassisted triple play?

Conversely, it took more than 41 seasons after Neun’s play before Ron Hansen performed the feat on July 30, 1968, marking the longest span between unassisted triple plays….Modern era (in MLB)

Player George Burns
Opponent Cleveland Indians
League AL
Inning 2nd
Play Line drive, tagged runner, touched 2nd.

Did the New York Yankees turn their second triple play of the season?

In the first inning of Thursday night’s series finale against the Blue Jays, the New York Yankees made franchise history and MLB history when they turned their second triple play of the season. Here’s a look:

Is this the first 1-3-6-2-5-6 triple play in MLB history?

So, yes, that’s the first 1-3-6-2-5-6 triple play in MLB history, and as Sarah Langs notes it’s also the first time in franchise history that the Yankees have turned two triple plays in a single season. No team since the 2016 White Sox has turned three triple plays in a season.

What is the Yankees’first walk-off triple play?

The walk-off triple play is baseball’s first since Eric Bruntlett’s unassisted triple play for the Phillies against the Mets on Aug. 23, 2009, and baseball’s first walk-off triple play with a one-run lead since the Reds turned a 6-4-3-2 triple play against the Cardinals on May 30, 1967. It is the third walk-off triple play in Yankees history.

How did the Yankees win the Yankees-a’s series?

A’s and make MLB history in the process NEW YORK — Sunday afternoon, the New York Yankees and first-place Oakland Athletics wrapped up their three-game series at Yankee Stadium. Gary S├ínchez continued his hot streak with a go-ahead two-run double to give the Yankees the series victory ( NYY 2, OAK 1 ). New York has won five of its last six games.