What type of rider is van der Poel?

What type of rider is van der Poel?

Mathieu van der Poel

Personal information
Current team Alpecin–Fenix
Disciplines Cyclo-cross Road Mountain biking
Role Rider
Rider type Puncheur (road) Classics specialist (road) Cross-country (mountain biking)

What nationality is Van der Poel?

DutchMathieu van der Poel / Nationality

How much does Mathieu van der Pol weigh?

165 lbsMathieu van der Poel / Weight

How many languages does Mathieu van der Poel speak?

“I could really do my own thing, and we had a nice group there with the team.” In addition to Dutch, Van der Poel is also fluent in French and English. He posts in all three languages regularly on Instagram, where he is nearing 100,000 followers.

Who is better Van Aert or Van der Poel?

2018: Van der Poel dominates, but Van Aert wins Worlds He adds the Dutch and European titles, winning 32 of the 39 races he enters and only finishing off the podium once. Van Aert, on the other hand, is some way short of his best, sparking an inquest in Belgium over the cause of his problems.

How old is Julian Alaphilippe?

29 years (June 11, 1992)Julian Alaphilippe / Age

How tall is Mathieu vanderpoel?

6′ 0″Mathieu van der Poel / Height

How much does Van der Poel weigh?

How much does Primoz roglic weight?

143 lbsPrimož Roglič / Weight

Are van der Poel and Van Aert friends?

Rivalry ruins Gent-Wevelgem for Van Aert and Van der Poel As it is, things have turned ugly on a few occasions, but the general picture is a relationship built on mutual respect, albeit quite a cold form of mutual respect. “They have never been close,” Niels Albert, Van Aert’s former coach, tells Cyclingnews.

Is Mathieu van der Poel a GC rider?

In an interview with Wielerflits, Plugge said his team have no plans to sign world cyclocross champion Mathieu van der Poel (Alpecin-Fenix), despite his meticulous attention to detail which would fit the philosophy of Jumbo-Visma. The team boss said: “At Alpecin-Fenix he is the one and only king of that team.

How heavy is Julian Alaphilippe?

137 lbsJulian Alaphilippe / Weight

How old is Mathieu van der Poel?

Mathieu van der Poel (born 19 January 1995) is a Dutch cyclist who currently rides for UCI ProTeam Alpecin–Fenix.

Is De Zoon van Oud-Prof Adrie van der Poel de son?

Bij de junioren ging de titel naar Mathieu van der Poel, de zoon van oud-prof Adrie van der Poel. [In the juniors, the title went to Mathieu van der Poel, the son of former professional Adrie van der Poel.]

What is the summary of Mathieu van der Poel v Logan Owen?

“Mathieu Van Der Poel v. Logan Owen: A tale of two juniors whose ending has yet to be written”. VeloNews. Competitor Group, Inc. Retrieved 3 November 2013.

What happened to van der Poel in 2021?

In 2021, Van der Poel competed in his first grand tour, the 2021 Tour de France. Here he succeeded in winning the second stage and acquired the yellow jersey, which he would wear for six days.