What is the number of Ratmalana?

What is the number of Ratmalana?

Lanka Sathosa Ratmalana Mega hotline number is 011-2638930.

What is District of Moratuwa?

Location of Moratuwa in Colombo District.

Which district is Kahathuduwa?

Colombo District

Country Sri Lanka
Province Western Province
District Colombo District
Time zone UTC+5:30 (SLT)

What is the name of Colombo 1?

Colombo Fort Kotuwa
Colombo 1- 15; Are You Familiar With These?

Colombo English Name Sinhala Name
1 Colombo Fort Kotuwa
2 Slave Island Kompanyaweediya
3 Kolpity Kollupitiya
4 Bambalapitiya Bambalapitiya

What is the postal code of Ratmalana?


Place Code
Ratmalana 10390
Siddamulla 10304
Sri Jayewardenepura 10100
Talawatugoda 10116

What is the postal code of Mount Lavinia?

Dehiwala-Mount Lavinia/Zip codes

What language is Moratuwa?


Sesotho English
1. moratuwa beloved
2. moratuwa darling

What Moratuwa means in English?

Moratuwa means ‘loved one’ and used the way ‘my sweetheart’ would be. It is to express strictly romantic love. Moratuwa is a word from the South African Bantu languages of the Sotho variety.

What is the district of wellampitiya?

Wellampitiya, Western Province, Sri Lanka

Alternative Names: Wellampitiya
Mindat.org Region: Colombo District, Western Province, Sri Lanka
Region: Western Province, Sri Lanka
Latitude: 6° 56′ 6″ N
Longitude: 79° 53′ 13″ E

Which district is Embilipitiya?

Ratnapura District
Embilipitiya is a town, governed by an urban council, in Ratnapura District, Sabaragamuwa Province.

What is the name of Colombo 9?

Dematagoda is a suburb in Colombo, Sri Lanka represented by divisional code 9 (Colombo 09). It is surrounded by Borella, Maradana and Kolonnawa.

What is the name of Colombo 8?

Borella (Colombo-8)

Where is Ratmalana located?

Ratmalana. Ratmalana in Colombo District is a district of the Western Province of Sri Lanka. Post code : 10390.

Where is Ratmalana Airport located?

Ratmalana is situated 14 km south of Colombo city centre. Ratmalana Airport located here was the country’s first and main international airport until the inauguration of Bandaranaike International Airport, Katunayake in 1967.

Why Ratmalana Airport is the domestic airport of Colombo?

Since Ratmalana is a thickly populated area with a large number of houses around the air port, it was not possible expand the airport when the jet engines were introduced for air crafts. Therefore Katunayake International Airport (about 22 miles from Colombo) was built and thereafter Ratmalana became the Colombo’s Domestic Airport.