What is the difference between Sfgate and SF Chronicle?

What is the difference between Sfgate and SF Chronicle?

In 2013, the Chronicle launched a paywalled premium website, sfchronicle.com. Over the next six years, varying amounts of free and premium Chronicle content appeared on SFGATE, then in 2019, the Chronicle and SFGATE officially became two separately run entities with their own editorial staffs and independent newsrooms.

Is the SF Chronicle still in business?

The current Chronicle Building, at 901 Mission Street, was commissioned in 1924 and is pictured here in 2017….San Francisco Chronicle.

Front page dated April 22, 1906
Publisher Bill Nagel
Founded January 16, 1865
Headquarters 901 Mission Street San Francisco, California, U.S.
Circulation 173,514 daily 210,468 Sunday 306,535 Digital

What is the major newspaper in San Francisco?

The San Francisco Chronicle
The San Francisco Chronicle is the largest newspaper in Northern California and the second largest on the West Coast. Acquired by Hearst in 2000, the San Francisco Chronicle was founded in 1865 by Charles and Michael de Young and has been awarded six Pulitzer Prizes for journalistic excellence.

Does Tom Stienstra still write for the San Francisco Chronicle?

Tom Stienstra is an American author, outdoorsman and columnist for the San Francisco Chronicle. He has written several guide books for California, the Pacific Northwest and America….

Tom Stienstra
Occupation Writer

How much does SF Chronicle cost?

For current offers of both home delivery (print + digital) and Unlimited Digital Access subscriptions, go to SFChronicle.com/subscribe. An in-app subscription (paid through your Apple ID/iTunes or Google account) is $5.99 per month. Some customers are grandfathered in with a $59.99 per year price.

Who is the editor of the SF Chronicle?

Emilio Garcia-Ruiz
Emilio Garcia-Ruiz is the editor-in-chief of The San Francisco Chronicle, overseeing all news and content across print and digital platforms for The Chronicle.

Why did the two newspapers in San Francisco shut down in 1848?

The California Star appeared weekly until June 14, 1848, when it was forced to shut down because its entire staff had departed for the gold fields. Its rival newspaper had suspended publication for the same reason on May 29.

Does Tom Stienstra still write for the Chronicle?

Career. Stienstra published his first story at age 8, “Searching for a Lost Friend,” in the Palo Alto Times. He was hired to write about the outdoors for the San Francisco Examiner & Chronicle in 1980, which he has continued into 2018.

What happened to Stienstra?

Tom Stienstra is married to Denese Welch Stienstra. They live in wild lands forest of Northern California. At 21, he survived a hatchet attack, after which he gained insights into Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and fulfillment through the outdoor experience.

How much does the Sunday SF Chronicle cost?

Daily papers may be purchased for $2.00 and Sunday papers may be purchased for $3.00 with the exception of special editions, which may be priced higher. To purchase copies online, visit the San Francisco Chronicle Store.

Who owns San Francisco Examiner?

Clint Reilly Communications
San Francisco Examiner

Type Newspaper
Owner(s) Clint Reilly Communications
Founded 1863 as Democratic Press 1865 as The Daily Examiner
Headquarters 465 California St. Suite 1600 San Francisco, CA 94104
Circulation 60,000 Wednesday 76,410 Thursday 255,002 Sunday 2.0 million pageviews/mo. (as of 2015)

How do I submit an obituary to the San Francisco Chronicle?

For more information on submitting an obituary, please contact the San Francisco Chronicle by phone at 415-615-3554 or e-mail [email protected] . Notices cannot be phoned in to the Life Tributes Desk.

What is the San Francisco Chronicle?

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How do I contact the San Francisco Chronicle?

A: For carrier opportunities with the San Francisco Chronicle, please call 415-777-7508 (San Francisco area) or 800-986-4562 (out of the local area) between the hours of 5:30 am and 7:00 pm.

What is the cancellation and refund policy for the San Francisco Chronicle?

Q: What is your cancellation and refund policy? A: Your San Francisco Chronicle subscription will continue until cancelled, but may be cancelled at any time by calling Subscriber Services at 415-777-7000 or 800-310-2455, or by logging into your account at SFChronicle.com/account.