What is the accuracy of a Starrett 98 level?

What is the accuracy of a Starrett 98 level?

ACCURATE: Available models in 4 to 12 inches long machinist level have a sensitivity of 0.42 millimeters/meter or 0.005 inches/foot or 80-90 seconds of arc. DURABLE: The adjustable glass vial is housed in a brass tube to avoid breakage.

What is a precision level?

A precision level (1:24000) is used to check the installation of precision machine tools in two axes. A lathe is manufactured with its base in a level plane and if it is not installed level distortions in the frame cause machining errors. A lathe has several leveling screws.

What is the most accurate level?

The 10 Best Levels

  • Stabila Aluminum Box Beam Level Set (Our Top Pick)
  • Stanley Non-Magnetic Level.
  • Empire EM81.12 True Blue Magnetic Tool Box Level.
  • Sola MM Magnetic Torpedo Level.
  • Klein Tools 935RBLT Lighted Torpedo Level.
  • Skil LV941901 Digital Level.
  • M-D Building Products 92288 SmartTool Electronic Level.

Can you calibrate a level?

Calibration is a best practice for industries that use precision instruments to measure length, mass, temperature, pressure, flow, volume, and more. However, level measurement can’t be calibrated because there is not an external reference point.

How do you change level vials?

Knock the old vials out of the notches (there may be slight adhesive on there, but just scrape that off). Press the new vials into the notches. You may have to turn them slightly to adjust. Press the rubber bezel and window back on.

How do you calibrate a level?

Place your spirit level on a piece of paper and then sit both items on a surface that you believe to be flat – a sturdy table or a kitchen counter will work. Using a pencil, make two marks on the piece of paper – one at each end of the level. Let it sit for 20 seconds to allow any vibrations to dissipate.

What makes a machinist level so accurate?

Machinist levels provide greater accuracy than common construction levels. These levels must be used when the variability of the reference plane is within the range of the level’s sensitivity. Otherwise, measurements will continually be “chased,” making these precision levels more difficult to use.

Where are STABILA levels made?

In addition to the main factory in Germany, where all of the STABILA aluminium spirit levels, TECH products and high-end rotation lasers are manufactured, STABILA also maintains its own factories in the Czech Republic (rules) and China (laser measuring tools).

What is a magnetic torpedo level?

A torpedo level is a type of spirit level that is an essential tool for any professional working in tight spaces. These tubes, or vials, contain yellowish-green additives and are used to determine the surface level.

What are the dimensions of the Starrett 98 machinists level?

Paste a list of item#s and quantities. The Starrett 98 Machinists Level with Ground and Graduated Vial includes a cross test vial. 300mm (12″) size, without case. The base of the levels features an involute groove running the length of the base, which provides a reliable seat for round work

Where can I find parts for an older model Starrett Tool?

If you are looking for parts for an older model Starrett tool, please contact our Parts Department at (978) 249-3551. Copyright 2021 © Starrett . All rights reserved.

What is the size of the replacement vial for the Starrett?

Replacement vial for some Starrett levels. Starrett 15024-0 1.65 ounces 3.63 x 0.63 x 0.63 inches PT15024 No Clear with Red Increment

How long does it take to level A Starrett Tool?

Starrett Precision Level, 98-12 – 12 Inch (300mm) Machinist Leveler Tool with Cast Iron Base, Cross Test Glass Bubble Vials for 2 Direction Leveling, 0.42 mm/m / 80-90 seconds Graduation and Sensitivity . Only 6 left in stock (more on the way).