What is irony in Ethan Frome?

What is irony in Ethan Frome?

One of the ironies was when Ethan repeatedly saw Zeena’s face in the rocking chair while coasting; this instance is ironic because of how Ethan is deliberately coasting with Mattie to avoid Zeena, yet her face appears in front of him, demonstrating how he could never leave his stark reality in Starkfield.

What does Starkfield symbolize in Ethan Frome?

The name of the town, Starkfield, symbolizes the devastating and isolating effects of the harsh winters on the land and the men who work the land.

How does Wharton describe Starkfield?

Starkfield is a town that is just like its name, it is boring, barren, severe, and harsh. Starkfield is known for its many harsh winters that leave the inhabitants bitter and in harsh condition.

What does Starkfield suggest about the setting?

What does the name Starkfield suggest about the setting? How does Herman Gow corroborate this later? The name Starkfield suggests that is it barren. Herman Gow corroborates this later by saying , “Most of the smart ones get away.”

What happens to Mattie at the end of Ethan Frome?

Instead of finding escape in suicide, he and Mattie have ended up in a state of living death, in which all Mattie’s vitality has been leeched away, and she has transformed into a carbon copy of her former opposite, Zeena.

Is Ethan Frome a good book?

Ethan shows that one can be happy, even while living miserably. Other students in my honors class did not enjoy the novel, but I enjoyed it. I believed that she was a hypochondriac because in the end she was not terminally ill, as she was portrayed earlier in the novel. Mattie is my favorite character in the novel.

What metaphor does the narrator use to describe winter in Starkfield?

a city under siege
Early on, the narrator uses a metaphor of a city under siege to describe Starkfield in winter, comparing the freezing, snowy weather to a besieging army, and the inhabitants of Starkfield to a “starved garrison.” This metaphor establishes the theme of how Starkfield’s icy climate oppresses human lives.

Why is Starkfield the setting of Ethan Frome?

She wanted to show the “harsh and beautiful” land as she saw it, in all its beauty and all its danger. But, while Starkfield is modeled on a fairly specific place (New England), we can also think of it as any place that a person gets stuck in, any place where it seems impossible to stay, and impossible to leave.

Why did Ethan want to leave Starkfield?

After his mother died, Ethan dreaded being alone again on the farm, so he asked Zeena to marry him. They both wanted to leave Starkfield for larger towns where Ethan could learn more about engineering, but they could not sell the farm and the mill as quickly as they hoped.

Why did Ethan Frome stay in Starkfield?

Ethan stays in Starkfield because he feels like he is morally obligated to remain in the town.