What is a renegade backcountry?

What is a renegade backcountry?

Description. Totally reimagined for 2018 with the REV Gen4 platform and powerful Rotax 850 E-TEC engine, the Renegade Backcountry is the premier 50/50 crossover sled. It combines precise and trail handling with agile and effortless off-trail maneuverability. Feature Highlights.

What is the Ski-Doo backcountry?

Ideally suited to highlight the very best of winter, the 2022 Ski-Doo Backcountry mixes precision trail handling with deep snow features that let a rider explore beyond the banks of the trail. Starting at $12,099. i. Transportation and preparation not included.

How long is a 2016 Ski-Doo Renegade?


Engine ROTAX 600 H.O. E-TEC
235 kg / 518 lb
Ski stance 1077 mm / 42.4 in
Track nominal width 381 mm / 15 in
Track nominal length 3487 mm / 137 in

How long is the track on a Ski-Doo backcountry?


Vehicle Overall Length 3,174 mm / 125 in.
Vehicle Overall Width 1,140 to 1,180 mm / 44.9 to 46.5 in.
Vehicle Overall Height 1,283 mm / 50.5 in.
Ski Stance 975 or 1,020 mm / 38.4 or 40.2 in.
Track Length x Width x Profile Cobra: 146 x 15 x 1.6 in.

What is a Ski-Doo XRS?

In Ski-Doo speak, “X” stands for “extreme” and “RS” means “racer special.” So, it should come as no surprise that the X-RS shines when charging extremely hard through the harsh moguls like a wannabe snocross or cross-country racer.

How long is the track on a Ski-Doo Renegade?

Renegade X

Vehicle Overall Length 3,038 mm / 119.6 in.
Vehicle Overall Height 1,267 mm / 49.9 in.
Ski Stance 1,069 – 1,092 – 1,115 mm / 42.1 – 43 – 43.9 in.
Track Length x Width x Profile RipSaw†: 137 x 15 x 1.25 in. Ice Ripper XT: 137 x 15 x 1.25 in. opt., 137 x 15 x 1.5 in. opt.

How big is the gas tank on a 2016 Ski Doo 800?

2016 Ski-Doo Expedition Extreme 800R E-TEC Specifications

Dry Weight (lbs/kg) 625 / 284
Fuel Capacity (gal/l) 12 / 45
Performance Standard

What is the shortest snowmobile track?

Identification. Choosing a track for your snowmobile used to be simple — you either used a “short track” of 121 inches or a 136-inch mountain sled track. These days track lengths come in 121-, 128-, 136-, 141-, 144-, 151-, 159- and 162-inch sizes. Tracks are generally 15 inches wide.

Is a long track better for snowmobile?

Long tracks are more suitable for deeper snow riding. They have deeper lugs for better traction and cover a larger footprint on the snow. They can navigate efficiently off-trail and in deep snow. They are usually reserved for snowmobiles with more powerful motors.

How fast does a Ski-Doo MXZ 600 go?

First time down the lake the GPS told us the true top speed of the MX-Z 600 EFI was 77 mph. On the next run it was 78 mph.

How do I get a quote on a 2016 Ski-Doo renegade backcountry X 800R E-TEC?

If you would like to get a quote on a new 2016 Ski-Doo Renegade Backcountry X 800R E-TEC use our Build Your Own tool, or Compare this snowmobile to other Trail snowmobiles. To view more specifications, visit our Detailed Specifications.

How good are the renegade backcountry skis?

The Renegade Backcountry comes with a 1.6×146 inch Flexedge track, and t-motion rear skid. We’ve found that the Renegade is very comfortable to ride on the trail and handles corners well. The skis do not hunt and dart in another ski track.

What kind of suspension does a Ski Doo Renegade have?

The Renegade has the Ski-Doo RAS 2 front suspension with HPG Plus shocks. This system features new geometry on the front suspension that aids handling. Plus, Ski-Doo’s RAS2 sheds about 1.7 lbs from previous models. HPG shocks are featured on the front and rear suspension on the Renegade Backcountry.

How good is the Jeep Renegade backcountry E-TEC engine?

Our test Renegade Backcountry came equipped with the 800cc E-TEC engine, although consumers have the option of the 600 HO E-TEC. The 800 E-TEC has had quite a few years on the snow and has proven to be a very reliable and powerful engine.