What is a good saying to put in a Christmas card?

What is a good saying to put in a Christmas card?


  • “Best wishes for a joyous Christmas filled with love, happiness and prosperity!”
  • “May all that is beautiful, meaningful and brings you joy be yours this holiday season and throughout the coming year!”
  • “Merry Christmas!
  • “May your holidays sparkle with joy and laughter.”

What do you write in a 2021 Christmas card?

General Christmas card messages

  • Merry Christmas!
  • May you never lose that kid-on-Christmas-morning feeling.
  • Wishing you less stress and a little more holiday magic this Christmas season.
  • May your holidays be filled with warmth and laughter.
  • Here’s hoping Santa is good to you this year!

What are some nice Christmas quotes?

Short Christmas Greetings

  • Many blessings and wishes to you.
  • Wishing you peace and joy!
  • Sending lots of love your way.
  • Many Christmas hugs and kisses.
  • Good tidings we bear to you and your family.
  • I hope your Christmas is filled with laughter and prosperity.
  • May Santa bring you all the best presents.

What can I write instead of Merry Christmas?

The basics

  • Merry Christmas.
  • Happy Hanukkah.
  • Joyous Kwanzaa.
  • Yuletide Greetings.
  • Happy holidays.
  • Joyeux Noël.
  • Feliz Navidad.
  • Seasons Greetings.

Does Armenia celebrate Christmas?

Christmas in Armenia is January 6. Still, during the month of December, Armenians celebrate with a symbolic Christmas tree, decorated with fruit and bows in the national colors, red, orange, and blue. The customary decorations in many homes are the white doves that symbolize peace, love, and purity.

How is Christmas celebrated in Armenia?

The Date of Armenian Christmas. Armenians celebrate the nativity of Jesus in Bethlehem as well as his baptism in the Jordan River, called Epiphany , on Jan. 6. To commemorate the baptism, the Armenian Church conducts a ceremony called “Blessing of the Water,” during which the priest uses a basil-leaf wand to sprinkle water on the congregation.

What are common Christmas greetings?

110 Merry Christmas Greetings, Sayings and Phrases 1. I hope this Christmas is so merry you talk about it for years to come. 2. For unto you is born this day in the city of David a Savior, who is Christ the Lord. 4. May your holidays be merry and bright. 5. I wish you joy all through your holidays. 6. Treasure the moments that capture our hearts. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11.

What is the history of the Christmas card?

The History of Christmas Cards. The custom of sending Christmas cards was started in the UK in 1843 by Sir Henry Cole. He was a senior civil servant (Government worker) who had helped set-up the new ‘Public Record Office’ (now called the Post Office), where he was an Assistant Keeper, and wondered how it could be used more by ordinary people.