What is a 1967 Mustang coupe worth?

What is a 1967 Mustang coupe worth?

Your 6-cylinder Mustang is listed in current NADA classic value books at a low of $5,180, average of $15,760 to a high of $21,360. Had it been a 289 V8, pricing would go up to $7,446, $22,655 and $30,705, respectively.

How much did a Mustang cost in 1967?

Original Prices

Convertible, standard $2,898
Coupe, standard $2,461
Fastback, standard $2,692
Shelby GT350 $3,995

What engine came in 1967 Mustang?


Mustang 1967–1968
Engine 200 cu in (3.3 L) Thriftpower I6 289 cu in (4.7 L) Windsor V8 302 cu in (4.9 L) Windsor V8 390 cu in (6.4 L) FE V8 427 cu in (7.0 L) FE HiPo V8 428 cu in (7.0 L) Cobra Jet V8
Transmission 3-speed manual 4-speed manual 3-speed automatic
Wheelbase 108 in (2,743 mm)

What is an S-code Mustang?

Frequently overlooked by the scrum chasing mighty Cobra Jets and K-Code 289s is the 390-cid S-Code Mustang, produced with little fanfare in 1967-69. It began flexing its muscle in the redesigned 1967 Mustang’s wider engine compartment.

How fast is a 67 Mustang?

The top speed of the ’67 Mustang fastback was 115mph. Although the wheelbase remained the same at 108”, Ford decided on a 2” increase in length and a 2.7” in width from the ’66 to ’67 model years, as well as some visual feature changes to make the new Mustang look tougher.

How fast does a 1967 Mustang go?

The actual zero to 60 mile per hour acceleration time for the 1967 Ford Mustang 289 was 7.3 seconds, which was one of the fastest cars on the road sold to consumers at that time, according to the Auto Channel. It went from zero to 30 miles per hour in 2.6 seconds and zero to 100 miles per hour in 18.9 seconds .

How much is a 1967 Mustang worth?

The Mustang From Gone In 60 Seconds Just Sold For $1 Million That would be this one-of-a-kind 1967 Shelby GT Super Snake, which Mustangs Daily reports went to a new home following the Mecum Auction in Indianapolis for $1.3 million. Beside above, how much is a 1970 Shelby gt500 worth?

What Ford Mustang models were produced in 1967?

The 1967 Mustang Shelby came in two models: the Shelby GT350 with a 306hp, 289 cubic inch, V8; and the newly introduced Shelby GT500 with a 350hp, 425 cubic inch, big-block, V8. Both the GT-350 and GT-500 came only as fastbacks, although there was one prototype GT-500 convertible and another prototype GT-500 hardtop.

How many 1967 Ford Mustang convertibles were made?

This resulted in Ford duking it out with its competition by creating a more muscular and powerful Ford Mustang. 1967 Ford Mustang Production Stats Standard Convertible: 38,751 units