What does Lulz mean in slang?

What does Lulz mean in slang?

The lulz (a corruption of LOL, online shorthand for laugh out loud) is the most important and abstract thing to understand about Anonymous, and perhaps the internet itself. The lulz is laughing instead of screaming.

What happens if you type I did it for the lulz 3 times?

When somebody wants the other person to die (of course, because any does), they type into the chat forum “I did it for the lulz” three times. As a result, the person gets stabbed by a character only known as Smiley for his face looking like an over fanatic fan of Zack Snyder’s Watchmen (2009) pin.

Is Lulz a word?

Internet speak for “lots of laughs.” LULz is the plural derivation of the acronym LOLs (“laughs out loud”). Another form is “LOLz.” LULz is sometimes used to express excitement about another person’s misfortune or after getting away with a prank. (Internet, slang) Fun; amusement; humor; especially schadenfreude.

What does LULS mean?

LULS means Laugh out Loud (from LOL). The word LULS is not technically an abbreviation but a word designed to copy the abbreviation LOL (Laugh Out Loud). Although far rarer, LULS can also mean “Lame Uncomfortable Laughs,” which implies a situation that make you feel on edge.

What’s another word for LOL?

Words similar to “LOL” lolz, lulz, lul, lawls, or lawl/lawlzies: Sometimes used instead of LOL, but can have other meanings.

What does Bantz mean in slang?

bants (also bantz), pl. n.: (Brit. informal) playfully teasing or mocking. remarks exchanged with another person or group; banter. beer o’clock, n: an appropriate time of day for starting to drink beer.

What happens if you say I did it for the lulz?

Supposedly, if a person on a Chatroulette-style website types the phrase “I did it for the lulz” three times, their chat partner will be murdered by a killer called Smiley (so named because he mutilated his own face by stitching his own eyes shut and carved his mouth into a smile) before they themselves are killed.

What happens at the end of Smiley?

They succeeded in killing their own friend using Smiley as a kind of paranoia for her, and after the minion had written the phrase three times in chat, Smiley came from behind Proxy, stabbing her in the eye killing her quickly. A few seconds later Smiley waved to the webcam ending the movie.

Is Lulz a Scrabble word?

Lulz is valid Scrabble Word.

What does Lil mean?

LIL means “Little.”

Is Lul a bad word?

When used to mean “Lame Uncomfortable Laugh,” LUL is typically used in response to a bad joke or one made in poor taste. However, when used to mean “Laughing Out Loud” (in place of the usual LOL), it can indicate genuine amusement (especially on Amazon Twitch).